General Conference Quotes 2015

Today’ I’m sharing some of my favorite General Conference Quotes.

COMING TOMORROW – Cinnamon Rolls in an hour!   Just as delicious and wonderful as cinnamon rolls that take 3 hours!!!

On Thursday I shared with you a little about my beliefs.  I so appreciate all the kind comments and emails I received.  My offer is still out there to send you the packet of Mormon bloggers testimonies along with a Book of Mormon so if you’d like to take me up on it please send me an email.  I’ll be putting packets together for those who have requested them already and getting them in the mail this week.

In my post, I mentioned how excited I was for this weekend and our church’s semi-annual General Conference where we have the opportunity to listen to many of our church leaders.

A tradition we have at our house for this particular weekend is homemade cinnamon rolls.  I played around with my cinnamon roll recipe to see if I could make them in an hour.  Guess what?  With a few tweaks I did it and they were delicious.  Tomorrow I’ll be sharing that recipe with you.

Today though I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite quotes from the weekend.  Even if you aren’t a Mormon you might enjoy them, or at least most of them!

Please feel free to download and print them off or share them with friends.

General Conference Quotes

Click on link below to download printable PDF

Holiness and Happiness

General Conference Quotes

Click on link below to download printable PDF

Lord is in the Details

General Conference Quotes

Click on link below to download printable PDF

observe then serve

General Conference Quotes

Click on link below to download printable PDF

I am a Mormon

What was your favorite quote from this weekend?  Maybe I’ll make it into a printable!?

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  1. Belle says

    One of the quotes that I enjoyed today that I haven’t seen here is “If I want a fish I can get a fish, what I need Peter is disciples”

  2. susan sayre says

    Thank you, thank you! How did you create these? I heard you speak at the Story at Home conference earlier in the year and I have been following your blog ever since, You do an amazing job! Love it!

  3. Rachel says

    Can you make all of Elder Holland’s talk into a poster? :) Conference was so so wonderful, as always I feel so inspired and full of the spirit.

  4. says

    Love these! Thank you for doing this. When we heard Sis Burton’s talk, my husband and I both looked at each other and said, Family Motto 2013! Now I have a cute printout of it. Thank you!

  5. Christy says

    By far my favorite was by Elder Bowen, “How grateful I am to my Father in Heaven that He allows us to love deeply and love eternally.” What an incredibly far-seeing perspective to the heartache that comes after a tragedy.

  6. Cheryl says

    Hello! I love your blog. My friend Debbie Fisher introduced me to it. I recently moved back to Provo(my husband is teaching at BYU) and I’ve seen your kids on campus a couple times and almost said hello. But then I realized it would probably scare them. :) I really love and appreciate everything you share on your blog. I was only able to get the first quote/link to work for me. Am I doing something wrong?

    • says

      Cheryl, My kids are pretty use to people saying hi to them who recognize them from the blog so feel free to introduce yourself! I think I have the links fixed – try it again and let me know if it doesn’t work for you.


  1. […] It was also General Conference weekend for the LDS church, which is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Being home by myself, I paid much better attention to the precious words and teachings from the leaders of our church. I was trying to think what message was my favorite and post the link here, but there were so many that I enjoyed! I really enjoyed Elder Hales remarks, he asked, “for every Christian, a simple question remains: what kind of Christians are we? In other words, how are we doing in our quest to follow Christ?” It made me really think about what I am doing in my life right now to be a good Christian. Here are some cute printables of quotes from General Conference I got from […]

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