Eat Cake!

So did Marie Antoinette really say “Let them eat cake?”

Looks like she didn’t.

Even though Marie is attributed to having said “Let them eat cake” when told the peasants had no bread historians show that there is no record that she ever said these words – but I think she should have!

I think we all should Eat Cake!

EAT CAKE - Page 470

This week here at Your Homebased Mom it’s all about cake!  I am going to share with you some of the yummy cakes I’ve been making lately and I’d love for you to share your favorite cake recipes.  Id love to feature some of your favorite cake recipes here on the blog.  So leave a comment with a link to your favorite cake if you have a blog post about it, leave the recipe in the comment box or email me the recipe.  Please share!

So please join me this week and Eat Cake!

Stay tuned for the first cake recipe of the week – it’s chocolate!!

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  1. Chris says

    I so agree with the cake thing! I love it. I made your red velvet recipe this weekend but the funny thing is I didn’t realize I had no red food coloring and had only a set of neon colors. My daughter and I experimented till we thought we had a winning combination. What we got was “Violet Velvet Cake”! Perhaps we could start a new trend…

    Can’t wait for the recipes!

  2. says

    Ann – I have read Eat Cake and loved it! Thanks!

    Chris – I love the idea of a Violet Velvet Cake – how fun and clever of you! I did see someone who did a green version for St. Patrick’s Day too!

  3. Valerie H. says

    I live at high altitude here in Colorado. The cakes that came out great at sea level, didn’t work well here even when I made altitude adjustments. My favorite fool proof cake that I make works well here in CO and any where
    (I made it while living in Europe too). It’s easy, moist and really good. Here’s the recipe…

    Death by Chocolate

    Beat together until thoroughly mixed:
    4 eggs
    1 cup sour cream
    1/2 cup water
    1/2 cup oil

    Add and beat until smooth:
    1 chocolate cake mix (Chocolate Fudge flavor is very good)
    1 small box of instant chocolate pudding mix

    Stir in:
    1 12-oz. package of semisweet chocolate chips.
    Pour into greased Bundt pan and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.
    In a 1/2 hour, remove cake. When cool, sift powered sugar on top.
    You can frost this cake but sometimes it’s overkill with icing on it. Also it is good with whipped cream or ice cream.
    Valerie Hanchett

  4. says

    Here is a blog post about my Easter cake:

    I forgot to mention there how I “doctored” up the cake. I used a chocolate cake mix and added the zest from a lime, lemon, and an orange (I had done this before with a white cake mix, and it was fabulous, so I wanted to try it with Chocolate). Then I mixed the juice from the lime, lemon, and orange in my butter cream frosting (really good).

    Tasted great, but I do prefer it with the white cake. Chocolate can usually stand alone!


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