Easter Pretty and Traditions

I shared some of these photos on Facebook but while I work on a few recipe posts for you I thought I’d just share a few pretty shots from our Easter weekend. I have a pot of loveliness simmering on the stove right now that I can’t wait to share this week too.

But I miss not sharing my pretty photos with you this year so here are a few to enjoy as well as one of our Easter family traditions.

Easter isn’t Easter without some pretty tulips…



Of course there was lots of pretty and delicious food!  Starting with  breakfast of muffins, strawberries & creme and omelets!


The Easter bunny paid a visit to our house and left a web of string for Tessa to follow, finding lots of fun treats along the way.



And of course there were new Easter dresses.  I made Tessa’s dress from a vintage 1950’s pattern.  So fun!





We attended church and a special musical Easter presentation in the evening which was a perfect closing to a beautiful day.

How was your Easter?


  1. Mary Kathryn says

    Love it all– hey one question how do you do the creme for the strawberries? I used to get a dessert from Olive Garden that had strawberries and creme and they no longer sell it. Being pregnant I would LOVE to have some of my own at home.

    • says

      Well my Strawberries and Creme isn’t really creme – I use Tillamook Vanilla Bean yogurt which is yummy! We sprinkle a little brown sugar on it and it is divine!!

  2. says

    The flowers are so pretty, your daughter is so beautiful! I’d love to learn how to make a dress. I love the 40’s and 50’s dresses.

  3. says

    Beautiful dress. I got a kick out of your idea with the string maize from the Easter bunny. Several years ago when my kids were little we visited a Victorian home when we lived in Norfolk, VA. It was set up for Christmas and that was how the children, from that time found their presents. I thought that was so cool. Well I came up with the idea to have cards with clues for my kids to search for their baskets. The first one would be out on the table and it would say something like look in the microwave. That one would say look in dryer and so on….The older they got the harder the clues were. I was so funny to watch and helping each other. They even went to the mail box to the trunk of my car. Finally they would find the baskets in the shower or the pantry. Ha ha. So much fun! Thanks for sharing your pics and bringing back such great memories!

  4. Megan Spivey says

    I thought the 8th picture down was of her kneeling down and her butt cheek hanging out. It seriously took me 2 minutes to figure out it was a knee! Love the dress and the rain boots!

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