Dear Santa….

Dear Santa….Dear Tooth Fairy….Dear Easter Bunny…Dear Long Lost Relative who is going to leave me lots of money….Dear Jim.

I want one of these …..please!


Yes, I want one.  Of course, my husband’s first response is “What would you do with it?”  My response, “Love it!”  Appealing to the inner outdoors man in him I told him we could camp in it.  He didn’t believe me.

But I want one.  How cute is this!!


I want to cook in it.  I want to eat in it.  I want to sleep in it.


I could just park it in my drive way and live in it.  Do you think the neighbors would mind?

If I can’t have Buttercup (the owners weren’t willing to sell), how about this one….


Yes, this one would do quite nicely.



I think I might lock the door and never come out.

I am trying to convince Jim that he needs a new hobby – restoring a sweet little trailer for me.  Don’t you think that sounds like a good idea.  He needs a hobby.



If you can convince Jim I need one of these I will invite you over for a sleepover and we can eat cupcakes and stay up late and read a good book and talk.  Don’t you think you would just have to eat cupcakes in a trailer like this?
Although it may need a little fixing up, companies like Part Select make it cheap and easy to DIY a small kitchen renovation.


So how about it – help convince Jim that I MUST have one!!


Pretty please….. hoping the trailer fairy leaves one in my drive way soon!!

Thanks to the Funky Junk Sisters for a fun show today.  Come back tomorrow to see what other pretties there were to see and the few treasures I brought home with me.

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  1. AprilM says

    We had the turquoise version of Buttercup when I was a kid. And, um, lived in it for a while, wouldn’t want to again. 😉

  2. says

    Oh my goodness! Stop I can’t stand it. I love it! You and me girl. parked in the back yard. It could be a guest room. Yes I’m feeling it. Thanks for enlightening me.

  3. Robyn N says

    Those are adorable! They don’t look like they are taken down the road to much though – but sooo cute! My travel trailer isn’t as cozy as that – some great looking ideas that could make it more cozy – you could undecorate real quick, drive, then redecorate real quick. Andy’s not super fond of ours – but I LOVE it. If you want one to practice making things for – you can use mine to experiment with :-).

  4. Allyson says

    I can’t believe that you love these as much as I do! I have been trolling Craigslist for about a year looking for just the right one to renovate, honestly looking for the right price! Love the Shasta and the Scotty, but only to park in my garage and get away from the kids…and eat cupcakes with Irish coffee!

  5. says

    I know, why would you want to spoil such a beautiful caravan (that’s what we call them in Australia) by taking it out in the rough and letting all your kids mess it up. I’m with you. Just park it in the driveway and love it. LOTS!! Mummy’s Retreat!!

  6. Dawn says

    My grandparents had trailers while I was growing up. They were so much fun! The table converted into a bed and everything was so tiny. The trailers themselves kept getting bigger over the years. So much fun!

  7. nancy says

    I have wanted one of these trailers in any condition for ages too! And I would LOVE to fix it up myself! If you find one in “fix up” condition, I’m interested! :) Seriously!

  8. Harlene says

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for…A SHE cave! Brilliant…as long as there is a lock on the door and no cell service.

  9. Meghan says

    Oh my – this brought back memories! My grandparents have one of these that we used to go camping in every summer. Theirs is like the one with the powder blue stove. Maybe I could convince my grandfather to renovate his with lots of new pretties… :)

  10. says

    Oh My! I can’t stop looking & looking at these beautiful trailers! A girls dream come true!
    My father would have totally done this for me if he were still here. (he refurbished & built several campers & even turned a milk truck into the first motor home I ever saw back in the 60’s) you may be too young to remember those days of milk delivered to your front porch! Where were you when you saw these? Thanks so much for brightening my day!

  11. Tamara says

    Love the trailer and you would be a great addition to it–you could totally use it as a hide away. We’ll be over soon and I’ll use my convincing powers on dear Jim. Guess the bottom line is. . . .what is the cost? Maybe all us readers should pitch in a few dollars. . . . . .It doesn’t ever hurt to dream and wish.

  12. Suzanne E says

    I’ve tried to convince my hubby for a few years now that I would be willing to go camping with him if he would just buy a vintage airstream and restore it. :-) Not sure what it is about these vintage campers that make them so appealing.

  13. Jim Wilkes says

    This is Jim “the Home Based Mom’s” husband. Ok seriously, I think I am a supportive husband, but a trailer?? Hey we could sell the house and travel around in it. Sorry I will try to be more supportive of your dreams. I love you Jim

  14. says

    Ha, ha, I talked my husband into one a few years back. It is such a sweet thing, straight out of 1963. Turquoise appliances and all original woodwork. We have camped in and gone to a few family reunions with it but I think I am tired of having it in my driveway. It is wonderful though, I highly recommend it. The most fun is an evening of cards, like a vacation for a few hours.

  15. The Queen Vee says

    Cute, I hope you get one. I would rather have a Katrina cottage on a nice little piece of land in the mountains.

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