Cupcake Milkshakes and Blendtec Blender Giveaway – $500.00 value!

I think a good, high powered blender is a kitchen necessity.  The Blendtec Blender is just that – a kitchen necessity.  One thing you need to understand though, it’s not any ordinary blender.  It is really a blending machine!


A Blendtec Blender will do things  no ordinary machine will do!  Within seconds it can blend up just about anything.   Once you use a high powered blender like a Blendtec Blender you will never go back to just an ordinary blender.

When  Blendtec sent me one of the blenders as well as their new Twister Jar to try out I was so excited.  The new Twister Jar is an awesome accessory to the regular Blendtec Blender.  It is great for smaller batch items but is really designed to handle extra thick blends like nut butters, doughs, thick milkshakes and hummus.

Blendtec Twister Jar

I also love the touch panel – so easy to use.

Cupcake Milkshakes The Twister Jar also comes with a regular lid so it is perfect to use for smaller batches and individual servings.  We used it for the individual cupcake milkshakes my Activity Girls made for our recent activity.

Cupcake Milkshakes

They chose their cupcake flavor of choice, added in a couple scoops of ice cream and some milk.

Cupcake Milkshakes

The Blendtec is so easy to use the girls each made their own milkshake.  They were amazed at how powerful it was and how quickly it worked.

Cupcake Milkshakes


In just a few seconds they had a delicious, creamy cupcake milkshake!
Cupcake MilkshakesI purchased mini cupcakes at a local cupcake bakery and they were just perfect for a single serving milkshake.  I loved the orange cupcake which made a delicious creamsicle milkshake.

Cupcake Milkshakes

Of course any good milkshake must be topped with whipped cream.  And then just add a straw!

The Blendec site has lots of blender recipes that you can sign up for – head over there and check it out.
Cupcake Milkshakes

Blendtec provided me with a blender for review. As always, all opinions are 1 million percent my own. I only work with companies I love that I think you will too. I am happy to be working with brands I believe in.

Today, I am SO EXCITED to be able to give AWAY a Blendtec Blender plus Twister jar (which is a smaller jar that accompanies the larger blending container).

Valued over $500!!

Enter to win below:

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Cupcake Milkshakes

Yield: 1 shake


    Single Serving Cupcake Shake
  • 1 mini cupcake
  • 1 C milk
  • 2 C ice cream
  • whip cream for topping if desired
  • For a full size cupcake just double ice cream and milk


  • Place all three ingredients in blender and blend!
  • Top with whip cream and add a straw.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. 351
    Heather B. says:

    I would love a blendtec! I never thought to do a cupcake milkshake! The possibilities. ….

  2. 352
    Jenny says:

    What a GREAT prize! I’ve always wanted one. Your mini cupcake shakes would be a hit with my boys but I think I’d make yummy green smoothies!

  3. 353
    Kristen says:

    I would make a smoothie first.

  4. 354
    Tami Dymock says:

    Smoothie, green and fruit. Homemade peanut butter, good food. Thanks for the chance.

  5. 355
    Christine says:

    Cupcake milkshakes are something I need to try! What a fun party idea.

  6. 356

    Becca @ Crumbs and Chaos recently posted..BBQ Turkey Sliders with Spicy Cranberry Spread

  7. 357
    Debbie Barker says:

    I can’t wait to try this! Would be so great for keeping me healthy and making a few treats once in awhile! Thanks!

  8. 358
    Nicole says:

    I would love to make hummus using the twister jar! Yummy!

  9. 359
    Kristi says:

    I’d love to be able to whip up a milkshake!

  10. 360
    Jeanine says:

    I would whip up some guacamole!

  11. 361
    Debbie H says:

    I’d go with a traditional Oreo Milkshake–yum!

  12. 362
    Jentecson says:

    Hello pesto

  13. 363
    Katie says:

    I love to make shakes

  14. 364
    becky says:

    green smothie! yum yum!

  15. 365
    Carol Birch says:

    I would make a yummy smoothy!

  16. 366
    Stephanie says:

    I would make smoothies and soup. I have been wanting one of these for so long!

  17. 367
    SandyN says:


  18. 368
    gayle says:

    Thanks for sharing, I would love to make al the smoothies and mikshakes I could. I just love them.
    gayle recently posted..50th Birthday Gift……….

  19. 369
    Jill F says:

    A fruit smoothie! Yum.

  20. 370
    ellen casper says:

    A mango smoothie

  21. 371
    Teresa Helton says:

    The first thing I would make with the Blendtec Blender would be a Midnight Chocolate Triffle Blizzard , like DairYou may use these HTML tags and attributes:

    y Queens.

  22. 372
    Teresa Helton says:

    The first thing I would make with the Blendtec Blender would be my version of a Midnight Chocolate Triffle Blizzard , like Dairy Queens! Yummy, Rich, and Oh so Chocatelty!

  23. 373
    Julie says:

    I would make smoothies! I love to make smoothies for my family for a healthy breakfast and my current blender is on its last leg. I would LOVE to win this blender!

  24. 374
    Kristin M says:

    I would make a smoothie!

  25. 375
    Jenn A says:

    I would make smoothies and milkshakes first. Also, I’d like to be able to blend soups sometimes.
    I am a newer follower of your blog, but I’ve been finding all kinds of delicious looking recipes!

  26. 376
    Jodi Davis says:

    I would make a strawberry smoothie! YUM!

  27. 377
    Christina says:

    Milkshakes! I’d love to try the girl guide milkshake!

  28. 378
    Tonna D. says:

    Everytime I go into Costco I have to stop and look at these! I would love to take one for a spin!

  29. 379
    Erin G. says:

    I would definitely make some sort of bread product first to see how it handled the dough.

  30. 380
    Cami Reschke says:

    My daily smoothie! My good ol’ blender just isn’t up for making them as thick as I like ‘em. :)

  31. 381
    Alora says:

    I would make green doTERRA smoothies every. single. day.!

  32. 382
    Yuko Redmond says:

    mmmmmm~ cupcake milkshake?! wow, got to try it!

  33. 383
    Jean Reeves says:

    I would make my husband a milkshake. I would also make an orange julius.

  34. 384
    Karmen Diaz says:

    I’m going to make Swedish pancakes

  35. 385
    tasha burritt says:

    I would love to win this blender! For my grandma who can’t all foods.
    I would make her all her meals with it.

  36. 386
    tasha burritt says:

    I would love to win this blender! For my grandma who can’t all foods.
    I would make her all her meals with it. :)

  37. 387
    Jaimie says:

    I would make smoothies for my kids.

  38. 388
    Stacey says:

    I would make a breakfast smoothie.

  39. 389
    K Ann Guinn says:

    I would love to win a wonderful new blender like this (and share my moderately OK one with someone else). I would probably make a smoothie first, but I think the cupcake milkshakes would go over great, especially with my two teenage sons. :)

  40. 390
    David says:

    I would make smoothies.

  41. 391
    Marisa Clark says:

    I would love a blendtec! the first thing I would make it my shakeology :)

  42. 392
    Tierney Jean says:

    A Blendtec blender has been on my wish list since I was a kid! Will it blend? I can’t wait to make yummy milkshakes!!

  43. 393
    Joyce says:

    i love blendtec blenders. I don’t have one and would love one to make so many wonderful things. thanks Joyce

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