The Christmas Lobster

I just had to share what happened at our house Christmas morning.

This whole fun scheme was put together by my son Clark and his wife Jessica.  It was Jessica’s brilliant idea!

We told the girls that I needed to video tape them opening some gifts for a sponsored blog post I was doing.  They were very cooperative and smiled really well.


They thought they were getting something fun and new from Nike.  But this is what happened when they opened the boxes.




This is what was in the box – and they were alive!!


Here are the two schemers.


The video is pretty hilarious and we’ve only watched it a few hundred times!!

Of course we couldn’t let the lobsters go to waste so they became part of our Christmas dinner.

We tried to get the girls to hold the lobsters for a photo.  Cali was willing but Tessa, not so much!


Christmas Lobster

She finally picked it up!


They were a delicious addition to our Christmas dinner!


What was the best gift you received this Christmas!!??

Leigh Anne
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  1. Valerie A. H. says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Loved that prank on Cali and Tessa and the looks on their faces! So unWilkish! I wouldn’t think to do that but that’s funny your daughter in law did! Fun!

    For Christmas I received a Silhouettes Cameo. I’m probably the last person on earth that didn’t have one. 😉 Also, got a Smart Health Walker fitness watch. I’ll be busy with both.

  2. Denise says

    Oh what fun it is ! I love it ! Oh and as if you haven’t heard this a 10000 times before, but whenever I see Cali–I keep thinking I’m looking at you, each and every time !! Have a wonderful New year !

  3. Laura from Cali says

    Leigh Anne,

    You have once again outdone yourself! This has to be one of your most priceless blog posts! I love the sweet smiles before opening the boxes, and the looks of sheer terror after opening them! This will be a Christmas “tail” to be told for many years to come! :0)

  4. says

    Too funny! What a funny surprise. They were really pretty good sports after all. Thanks for sharing this fun family experience! Happy New Year and HUGS!

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