Cake Stand Roundup

Thanks to all of you who sent me photos of the pretty cake stands you made after watching my tutorial.

You did some fun and creative things and I can’t wait to make a few more now!

Debbie found two graduating sizes of glass votive cups that she used for the bases, and one of the glass plates has a nice rose etching.  She also used two matching candle holders and two matching glass saucers to make two small matching shorter stands.  Love them!


Terri went to Joanne Fabric Store for their after Easter sale and found these adorable green ceramic plates and matching egg holders  in the clearance section.  She turned the egg holders upside down, and put the plate on top!  She purchased two plates and two egg cups for under $5.00.

3-17-10 308

3-17-10 331

These next beautiful cake stands came all the way from Lancashire, England from Lisa!  Thank you for sharing Lisa.  I love how you placed the teacup on top!!  May I come for tea while I am there in June!?

cake stands 002

Penny had fun finding her materials at the thrift store and put together some lovely combinations.  I am particularly fond of the pink one!


I love the use of the brass candle holder on Marsha’s version.

cake plate

Leah hosted a  bridal shower last week.  She and a friend made four cake plates to use at the food table.  They then presented the new bride with the plates as a gift. Most of the items used to make the cake plates were found at local thrift and antique stores.  What a special gift for the new bride!


Traci was looking to add height to the “candy bar” containers at her son’s wedding reception and when she saw my post she knew it was the perfect idea. The most expensive piece she bought was $1.99 and all were found at either Goodwill or Value Village.


Thanks to all who shared the photos of their pretty cake stands.  I’d love to share more so if you have made one email me the jpg at and we will include you in the next Cake Stand Roundup!

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  1. says

    I would love a link to the tutorial, I think I’ll put it up on my blog, love the idea and dont’ want to pay for the cake stands. I see many adorable plates everywhere, this is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    I love it thanks so much, I hope you don’t mind my sharing it on my blog. My daughter and I love cake stands but find the cost to be daunting. This has given us an opportunity to use them more.

  3. says

    I love the square one as well! I have a few cheapie cake stands I bought at thrift stores or Ross, but can’t wait to try to make my own. Since we’re moving in next month, I’m holding off on projects and purchases for now. What a GREAT wedding gift idea! Love it.
    How about a bowl? Could you make some kind of bowl that has height? Maybe a squatty short candle/glass something and a flat kind of bowl? I love footed bowls and now my mind is running with this.

    • says


      You could definitely do some kind of bowl on top – you could do a plate then a candlestick on top of that then a bowl for a chip and dip type dish!!

  4. Valerie H. says

    I literally JUST came home from Goodwill checking for bases to make cake stands. The word must be out there about making these because the good ones were gone! Everyone that posted did a great job on theirs!

  5. says

    Housewarmings, bridal showers, baby showers, so many ideas to give as gifts and to make them for tables. I am going to have a ton of fun with this. I also have Fiesta dishes, there are no cake plates with that set, so I am now going to make me one. This is so fun. My Blue Willow is my favorite collection, I’m scouting out a square Blue Willow for a cake stand now. Soon as I find one it will be converted. You can also do graduated sizes.

    My daughter and I were talking about using the paper ones for kid parties, stacking two or three together to make them sturdy, using spray adhesive to get them to stick together, then using for cupcakes. I just got some paper plates on lunch break to try that theory out. Will keep you posted.

    Hobby Lobby has great things like this for each holiday. I just got a July 4th square plate to do this with, they had a small bowl I am going to glue to the bottom. Keep an eye on my blog, I’ll post when I’m done. THIS IS TOO FUN

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