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It is my turn to choose the book for our book club to read.  Since you were all such great help with ideas for my meal planning class I thought I’d ask for your help on this one too.

I’d love to hear what you or your book club has been reading lately!  Any suggestions for me?  Just leave a comment below and let me know.

My book club is made up of ladies from church so we like to keep the books free from bad language and not too racy.

If you are reading this through an email update or rss reader please click through to the actual blog to leave your suggestion so all can enjoy!

Here is a list of some of the books we have read this year –


The Whistling Season

Three Cups of Tea

The Cranford Chronicles

These is My Words – The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine

Please share!

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  1. Leslie says

    Recommended book for reading is Loving Frank. A historical novel of Frank Lloyd Wright and his affair with a married client. May sound racy but it’s not.
    Very well written and so interesting since the basis is factual.

  2. Shawna says

    The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

    YA literature
    Set in WWII, it is narrated by Death. One of the best books I’ve read. My pick for our book group this year. So much to discuss…

  3. says

    Leslie »
    Thanks for the recommendation. I actually just finished reading Loving Frank and really enjoyed it. Having grown up in Wisconsin I have visited several Frank Lloyd Wright homes near where I lived and took many field trips as a school child to the Johnson Wax Building/Theater that he also designed.

  4. kidsmom says

    We read Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Great read. Hard in parts b/c of the topic but so important to understand.
    Icy Sparks, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Goosegirl. Just a few we have read this year.

  5. Cindy says

    My daughters–age 32, 30 have not read ‘Gift from the Sea,’. I thought everyone had read it! I started it again and am loving it.

  6. Dawn says

    My Book Club LOVED The Book Thief (technically young literature) and we also LOVED Snowflower and the Secret Fan and our most recent read A Thousand Spendid Suns. The last two mentioned are about relationships between woman. You might also like Shadow of the Wind, a book about books, authors and a good mystery.
    Have you read The Red Tent?? So good.
    I agree that Walk Two Moons is a must read as well.

  7. Tauna Meyer says

    We just read “The Goose Girl” in our book group. I loved it. It is the first book in a series of three by Shannon Hale. The other books in the series are Enna Burning and River Secrets. Our whole group really enjoyed it. Next month we are reading “Three Weeks with my brother” by Nicolas and Micah Sparks. It’s about a 3 week trip around the world that these 2 brothers took. A fun young adult novel we read recently was “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld. Can’t wait to see what books everyone has been reading.

  8. says

    I found your site a while back linked from another recipe site and browse it when you have new recipes every now and then. I had to chime in for this request for book ideas. It is a book we read for our book club a couple months ago and it is the amazing story of a women and how she draws closer to god amidst the conflict in the Rwandan Holocaust. Her amazing faith and the testimony she has of prayer are amazing and inspiring.

  9. Regis says

    Our book club just read Water for Elephants. I wasn’t fired up to read it at first, but it was a sensational read. For once, we all read it and loved it. It really is a great book that captures the elderly spirit of a man and gives you a great insight into his life. Fantastic read.

  10. says

    My book group just finished Random Harvet by James Hilton. Funny, I read it with a British accent. Some of the best books for discussion were A Brief History of the Dead and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. We read The Road, but I found it overwhelmingly depressing.

  11. Tamara Reber says

    Some of the favorites our book has read recently have been:
    **The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
    **Brother Joseph, Seer of New Dispensation by Richard
    and Cleon Skousen (one of the best I’ve read on the
    **The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom
    **The Moroni Code by Jack Lyson
    **Gathered by Lee An Stezer (Story of Ruth)
    **Yearning for the Living God by Elder Busche
    **Sugar Camp Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini
    **The Life of our Lord by Charles Dickens
    **The #1 Laies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall

    (Sorry, don’t have the authors right here now
    **Island of the Blue Dophins
    **Bronze Bow
    **Juan De Paraga
    **Incident at Hawks Hill
    Our discussion leaders have tried to get us to read from a variety of topics and types. . . . .


  12. says

    oh…if you liked the Giver – you might also enjoy reading the follow-up books – The Messenger and Gathering Blue. They are both GREAT and Gathering Blue kind-of ties them all together…. :)

  13. Tricia says

    This is an older book but I only read it a few weeks ago and I loved it: The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver. (I think I have the name right.) I think it’d make for lots of discussion.

  14. Kerri says

    The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables) is so good! It is my new favorite book. It just makes you happy. I could read it every year. Also, Christy by, Catherine Marshall is really good too.

  15. Catherine says

    You have several good suggestions here – I would add Tuesdays with Morrie – I had my pre-AP English II class read it a few years back and we had so many good discussions from it – it would be really good with a Christian group because he is not a Christian yet so many of his ideas are interwoven with Christian morality. Lots of good discussion!!! I teach in a public high school and yet we had a really good discussion about religion and life after death because of this book . . .

  16. jessica says

    I really enjoyed the giver, and gathering blue as a teen, and I just finish the uglies series by scott westerfeld. It was a very addicting series. Very very good! There are four books total, but it was originally a trilogy.

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