Apron Addiction

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I am not really sure if addiction is the right word but I admit I really love aprons.

I have always been an apron wearer – even before it was the “in” thing to do!  (If you didn’t know, aprons are really “in” right now!)

Thanks to my 4-H sewing teacher in the 3rd grade the first thing I ever learned to sew was an apron.

I wear an apron a lot – anytime I am in the kitchen (I am a very messy cook), when I am cleaning the house (I am a very messy cleaner) and when I am in the garden (yes, I am a messy gardener too).

And much to my two teenage daughter’s horror I have even been known to go out in public with my apron on!

I have quite a collection of aprons.  A friend jokingly (or maybe she wasn’t joking) said that I had an apron to match every outfit!  I have aprons I have bought, ones that have been made by friends and lately I have gotten into making my own aprons.

I even joined an apron swap I found on a blog I visit.  Here is the apron I made for Tracy in Alabama – hope she likes it.


While I was at it I had to make another new one for myself too!


And in case you are wondering – those are not my slim little hips.  My hips have birthed four babies!  That is my slim hipped 14 year old dancer daughter.  Thanks for being my model Tessa.

Since we are on the topic of aprons I thought I’d share with you the story of one of my favorite aprons.

Fourteen years ago I was on a “girl’s weekend away” with my Beach Babe group.  On the way to the beach I was reading aloud excerpts from the book Living a Beautiful Life.

When I read the following section all 5 of us burst out laughing…

When I return from the office I put on an attractive apron and unwind by freshening up the house.  Somehow this simple act – putting on an apron – sets the stage for my tidying up ritual and I go about the apartment attending to little things.”

We got a huge kick out of it and have joked about it over the years.  The idea of each of us getting home from work and putting on an attractive apron to “tidy up”  was just too funny.

Well, the next time we got together, April, one of the group had a gift for each of us – yep, you guessed it – an “attractive apron”.

Here they are!  (Yes, the top part of the apron is detachable and also doubles as hot pot holders!)


I don’t think this is what Alexandra Stoddard, author of Living a Beautiful Life, had  in mind but we sure have gotten a lot of enjoyment and laughs out of them!  They have managed to show up at various events, parties, BBQ’s, holiday gatherings, even the wedding reception of one of the Beach Babe’s daughters!

So next time you have some “freshening” up to do – don’t forget the attractive apron!

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  1. says

    I own two aprons but never think to wear them. One I got as a bridal shower gift 13 years ago and the other was a gift from a missionary friend in Senegal, made by a Senegalese woman.

    Looking at your sweet homemade ones makes me ask a question, though. I spill everything on the chest area (I have a great shelf there!). Do you find the skirt-style (or whatever you call them) protect enough?

  2. says

    Tina »

    The majority of my aprons are full aprons although I do find that the majority of the “spills” on my aprons are on the bottom half. I am a hand wiper so that is probably why! The skirt-style aprons are just so cute though, they remind me of the “hostess” aprons my mom use to wear in the 60’s and 70’s.

  3. says

    How adorable! I want one! :)

    I am also ROFL at your “attractive aprons”.

    I love aprons too, in fact I am sitting here wearing one right now! It is sooo cute, and it is vintage. It was my late MIL’s mothers when she was a young mom. I have three of them from her and they are some of my most favourite things. I always feel so much more “together” when I have an apron on around the house. Thank you for sharing your wonderful handiwork!

  4. says

    The aprons you made are beautiful! I adore aprons as well and wear them all the time. I prefer the full cover ones too.

    The last picture totally cracks me up!

  5. says

    Those are hilarious.

    I too have quite a few aprons, however…they are family antiques and I hardly ever have a chance to pull them out.

    What fun to see the aprons you have there.

  6. says

    That photo is cracking me up! You are so great to share this! I was in that apron swap too – I love your designs. I may have to share this post with my blog readers…those aprons are absolutely the BEST.

  7. says

    Sally and others –
    Glad you enjoyed the picture of those crazy aprons. They are definitely a hoot! I especially like it when my 24 year old son wears it!!

  8. says

    What a fun post – I don’t actually need an apron, what I need is a bib. Everything that happens to my clothing happens from the “shelf” up. Every shirt I own has some type of stain right there.

    My grandmother always wore a house dress and an apron. It always makes me smile to think of Aprons, because I think of her.

    I love your bikini aprons – what a hoot!!


  9. Robyn says

    Catching up on your posts. The two aprons you made or gorgeous. I am a wiper as well and go through a bunch of kitchen towels – maybe i’ll have to see if my mom will sew me an apron or two. I am quite challenged when it comes to the seweing machine….

    The beach babes aprons are hysterical! Totally something to share with my mom, she’ll get a good chuckle out of it.

    I don’t read much on the web – but really enjoy your blog. Everytime I read it brings joy – either an inpsiration, laughter, or just feeling like “I can do it!” Thanks again!

  10. Marti says

    I loved this nostalgic look at aprons and knowing that thye are back in again. I’m a grandma who remembers the frilly little aprons that were popular in the 1950’s.
    My favorite kind of apron is a smock or artist’s apron with little cap sleeves and lots of pockets. It covers a host of figure flaws and I even wore them when pregnant.

  11. Kathy Webster says

    I love aprons, but I hate the ones that go around your neck, halter type! I’ve found a couple of my grandmothers that you put your arms in and they tie around the waist. Do you have any patterns that do not go around your neck?

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