Annual Cookie/Candy Making Day – 2011

Annual Cookiei Baking Day

Wednesday was our Annual Cookie/Candy Making Day.  I have been doing this with my mom and girls for years.

The last several years we have invited various friends and neighbors to join us and it has become a much anticipated and looked forward to event.  It is a bit trickier to do now that my girls are away at school and we have to wait until they are home but it is still as much fun.  And a big mess too!!

Thankfully my sweet friend Dyann showed up and just started doing dishes!

We made lots of cookies and candy.  There was a batch of egg nog cookies, almond sugar cookies, white chocolate cinnamon pretzels, chocolate crinkles, and raspberry almond shortbread cookies.

We had fudge makers and caramel makers.  Although it was a bad day for fudge.

Everyone pitched in and helped and it was fun!

Clark helped out by doing some of the test tasting.

I only wish I had more than one oven.  Two would be great but I’m thinking I could really use three!!

The best part though?  Spending time with my mom, friends and my girls!

We took a lunch break and enjoyed a Yummy Bowl!

We went through copious amounts of flour, sugar, butter and cream but oh we had fun!

The bakers and candy  makers took a game break.

And there was a knitting lesson going on too.

The next morning I got up and made 24 of these lovelies – peppermint bark caramel apples!!

Here’s a link to the cute tags that I downloaded for free and printed.

Just two more days – are you ready?

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  1. kelly says

    what a great tradition, you must not be a control freak, i can’t take that huge mess and everyone everywhere! i think i’m ready, 255$ grocery bill just for the christmas weekend!

  2. stacy says

    looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I’m getting my friends together next year! The game looks really fun. Do you know what game that it is?

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