A Thanksgiving Tragedy – We Can Help!

Today I am going to do something I don’t do very often here on the blog.  In fact, I have only done it one other time in the 5 years I have been blogging.

I am asking for your prayers and if you feel so inclined some financial support for a sweet friend of my son Logan.  Her name is Bailee.  Bailee and Logan performed together as part of BYU’s Young Ambassador group. This is how Logan describes Bailee:

Bailee is a dear friend.   She is passionate, dedicated, fun-loving, compassionate,  loyal, spiritual and talented friend.  She always makes everyone feel welcome and like a million bucks.  I have never met anyone that didn’t love Bailee.
   Here are a few photos of Bailee and Logan.

This past weekend Bailee and her fiance of 3 hours, Taylor, were in a terrible accident.  An accident that took the life of Taylor’s sister who was a freshman at BYU and has left Taylor with serious injuries including a broken neck, torn lungs, broken ribs, and the list goes on and on. Miraculously, Bailee was able to get out of the car, call 911, flag down a passing car, and literally save Taylor’s life.

Bailee said to a friend just a few hours after the accident

“the happiest moment of my life was immediately followed by the most devastating moment of my life.”

Life can change in an instant for all of us. As a mother of young adults myself this type of story hits too close to home.

Taylor has already had one surgery on his neck and spine, and will have another one this week. He will then spend an estimated 8-10 months in rehab. Taylor is also a student at BYU as well as a member of the Young Ambassador’s performing group.They received  word this week  that Taylor’s insurance isn’t going to cover any of his medical bills and none of his rehab. With the one surgery that he had, the life flight trip, and a few days in the hospital, he is already up to $80,000 and he is having another surgery this week  that will likely kick it up another 50-60 thousand.
I am asking for your prayers for Taylor and Bailee.  Many prayers have been offered up in their behalf in the last few days and Taylor is feeling the impact of the prayers.
As you can imagine they are also in need of any type of financial help you may be willing to give.  If you feel so inclined I know that Taylor and Bailee will so grateful as will I.  Grateful for both your prayers and any financial help you can give.
Bailee posted the following picture on Instagram on Thanksgiving.  “Holding hands with this guy on Thanksgiving.  Today I am so grateful he is alive.”

Kind of puts things into perspective doesn’t it!

Again, this is not something I do frequently here on the blog but I know how generous and loving you all can be and I know that Bailee and Taylor can use some of your love and generosity right now!
Celebrating Bailee’s 25th birthday together in the hospital a few days ago.
If you would like to make a donation to the Morris Family Assistance Fund you can do so here.

Thank you so much for your help and your prayers.  I know that Bailee and Taylor will feel it and appreciate it too.  You can also follow along with updates on their story on the Morris Family Assistance Fund Facebook Page.


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  1. says

    Oh my goodness, Leigh Anne. Thank you for sharing this! I know it isn’t in the norm of food posting but this is worthy of getting the word out. My prayers are with Bailee and Taylor and their families. What a tragedy – but hopefully we can band together and help. Thank you!

  2. Valerie A. H. says

    This is so sad. I will be contacting the temple(s) to add their name to the prayer roll. They all will be in my prayers too.

  3. Tamara H. says

    Thanks Leigh Anne for sharing about this sweet family. We all learn not to ask WHY, but WHAT CAN WE LEARN? We can all pray for them and reach into our pockets a little more this Christmas time. Thanks for your tenderness and getting the word out!

  4. Jeanne says

    What a great way to use your blog! It hits close to home for me too. Thx for sharing this news and your suggestion to do what we can for them. Such a cute couple too. Let me know if you hear of any fundraisers.

  5. capturing joy with kristen duke says

    oh my goodness, that family is in my mom’s ward in houston! I heard about it over thanksgiving–heartbreaking!

  6. cathy rice says

    Prayers are being winged. Lord you can make this heartbreaking situation be to your Glory. Really hard for us to see, but we hold this family up to you for support, comfort and glimpses of how you will use even this to bring Glory to your very name. Wrap them in your arms. Amen
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  7. Holly says

    This happened to my husband and I a year before we were married. He had a horrible motorcycle accident on the day he was selling his motorcycle to pay for our honeymoon. It changed our lives forever. Yes, we were in mountains of debt as he had no insurance and he had months of rehab in front of him. Twenty years later I can say it is one of the best things to ever happen to us. We were forced from the start to put our focus on God and each other. We were completely and totally bonded and knew that the survival of us depended on digging deep and sticking with it. Once you have been through something like this you are changed as a person, it colors your view in a way that an easy life cannot. I got to work and formed a career to pay off the debt he slowly but surely got better and is living a full productive life. They will survive this and their love will be even sweeter because of it. Praying for peace, abundance and joy in them midst of agony for them both!

  8. Lisa Rohrbaugh says

    I am praying for this family that God will comfort, heal and provide financial help. Thank You for sharing, God is using you, thank you for obeying him.

  9. says

    Wow! What a heart-wrenching story! Thank you for the info. Will definitely be passing it along!

    Lots of prayers sent their way!

    And Holly, your story is incredible, as well!

  10. Carol says

    Prayers will be said, of course. But I’d like to suggest that they contact an attorney to look into why the insurance won’t cover anything in this accident? Most times you see requests like this because the young person did not have insurance, but if he has insurance why won’t it pay ANYTHING? I had to deal with this type of thing when my husband broke two vertebrae in a head on collison….the insurance company found excuses to deny payment for so much of the accident and recovery….but persistance and the good advice of an attorney got about 90% of it covered, but it took appealing their denials and arguing and really advocating for it to be paid. I know Bailee has her mind and heart on taking care of him….but she needs to also take care of their future together. Most attorneys offer free consultations so she should be able to discuss why they denied coverage and whether it’s a legit reason or not (there are VERY few legit reasons if his premiums were paid and he didn’t lie about his health to gain coverage and I’m guessing that students at BYU wouldn’t be involved in any of the legit reasons for denial of coverage). Please keep us updated on this young man’s recovery!

    • says

      Carol, Thanks to the help of one of my blog readers it looks like we have gotten them some help with the insurance so at least they will get some coverage – not nearly what they will need to cover the expenses but it looks like there will be some coverage now. I have such amazing readers!!!


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