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So I need your help.

On March 9-10 I will be participating in the Story@Home Conference being sponsored by Cherish Bound and Family Search in Salt Lake City.  First of all – I’d love any of you who live in the area to join me and even if you don’t live in the area you may want to check it out and book a flight to Salt Lake City!

The conference is all about telling your story – whether it is through blogging, storytelling or family history.

“No matter how you tell your stories – through your family history, at your child’s bedside, on your blog, or from a stage – your stories matter. Join us for a conference that will change the way you see your stories and the world, and help you connect in new ways with those you cherish most.

Workshops and performances by award-winning storytellers, performers and speakers, will help you explore ways to use the power of story in your home. You’ll be able to record your own story, start on some research to learn more about your family’s history, get started on a blog and learn how to tell your story through social media.”

There is going to be all kinds of amazing information shared from lots of amazing people.  There are going to be some pretty big name bloggers there too including  C.Jane Kendrick of C Jane, Enjoy It.  She will be presenting a keynote address. Other speakers include Justin Banks of BlogFrog, and Rachael Herrscher of Today’s Mama.
There will be lots of other awesome speakers and breakouts – including me!

I am part of the blogging track and I will be speaking on “Blog Your Passion and Grow Your Blog.”  And that is where your help comes in.

As I have been working on my presentation I have come up with some questions for you as  blog readers.  If you wouldn’t mind taking just a few minutes and answering a few questions in my comments section I would be forever so grateful!  Feel free to answer only one of the questions or all of them.  I appreciate any help and input you can give me.

1.  What attracts you to a blog enough to add it to your RSS Reader or subscribe via email.  What makes you visit and revisit a blog over and over again?

2.  What causes you to stop reading a blog?

3.  What are your favorite type of blogs to read?

4.  How many blogs do you subscribe too or read on a regular/daily basis?  How much time do you spend on a daily/weekly basis reading blogs?

5.  Do you blog?  What do you blog about?  Why do you blog?



Leigh Anne
Hi – I’m Leigh Anne! I have been a homebased mom for 30 years since my first baby boy was born! I love working with women and helping to inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams while still maintaining motherhood and family as their number one priority. I blog about everything I enjoy – creating treats and meals in my kitchen, spending time in my garden, entertaining and party planning, reading, self improvement and tips and ideas on style and fashion.
Leigh Anne
Leigh Anne

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  1. says

    1. Attractive pictures, a good story
    2. Few posts
    3. Home decor, home making,recipes
    4. Over 200 blogs, 1-2 Hours a day
    5. Yes, mostly to preserve family memories, creative outlet

    • Rachel Segovia says

      1. Bright and cheerful colors on the blog page.
      2. Non-updated posts.
      3. Home decor, cooking recipes and crafts.
      4. No many – 23, about twice a day for 30 minutes.
      5. Yes, just started. Needlework to motivate and complete projects.

  2. Sue says

    1. Pictures; recipes; great writing and interesting stories I can relate to.
    2. Content I’m not interested in. Not kept up to date.
    3. Cooking; decorating ideas; crafting ideas
    4. Three or four; 1-2 hours daily although when I’m on Pinterest, it can be more than that.
    5. No, not at the time.

  3. says

    1. Content especially if it is something I am passionate about.
    2. If it’s boring and doesn’t speak to me
    3. Recipe, DIY projects, home things
    4. 4 or 5 depending on what they have going on that day if I’m interested in it. So anywhere from 30 mins to a couple hours
    5. Yes, recipes, DIY things and other adventures, I just felt like I wanted to document all of it and it’s fun!

  4. AmyC says

    1. What attracts you to a blog enough to add it to your RSS Reader or subscribe via email. What makes you visit and revisit a blog over and over again?
    It has to be something I am interested in, like art or re purposing junk finds or DIY.

    2. What causes you to stop reading a blog?
    politics and religion

    3. What are your favorite type of blogs to read?
    DIY, re purposing, author pages

    4. How many blogs do you subscribe too or read on a regular/daily basis? How much time do you spend on a daily/weekly basis reading blogs?
    I follow several blogs, and I chk blogger daily to see if there is anything NEW. I will open and read it IF the picture or title catches my eye.

    5. Do you blog? What do you blog about? Why do you blog?
    I blog about any and everything. My art. My re purposing. My photography. Anything I find interesting. Food. Death (yep that too).
    WHY? IDK. IDK if anyone (other than family and friends) chk my page. I do it, because I like it.

  5. Judy Huettel says

    1. Pretty much the content of a blog, if it’s something I enjoy or am interested in. I will always come back to yours – yours and 2 others are my faves! Serious!
    2. If it gets off the subject or doesn’t pertain to my life or my lifestyle anymore, I will not return to it.
    3. I like recipe type blogs, rubber stamping/card making/scrapbooking type blogs, diy type blogs, trash to treasure type blogs.
    4. Oh boy, good question. Have them all plugged into my google reader and have no idea how many are in there. 200+??? And we’re on satellite internet so we have a cap of the MB’s we can download, but if we weren’t, I’d probably be checking out blogs (and pinterest!) 24/7! lol
    5. No blog here. :( I probably couldn’t keep up with it.

  6. Lo G says

    1. I read blogs that inspire me to do better, eat better, act better, think better, etc.
    2. What causes you to stop reading a blog? I’ll stop reading a blog if I feel it doesn’t pertain to what I am interested in at the time (for example, a foodie blogger whose recipes are out of my price range)
    3. I love food blogs, but there are a small number of craft blogs that I follow.
    4. I’m subscribed to about 40 blogs, but many of them are family blogs that don’t post very regularly. I regularly follow around 15 bloggers.
    5. I do blog, mostly as an online journal, and to keep family updated. I know most of my family and friends don’t read my blog, but that’s because they don’t know I have one. I feel weird asking them to read it. I’m afraid I’ll look like the youngest child who is needs attention.

    • Lo G says

      I should also mention I work with bloggers for a living, so I am reading random blogs 5-8 hours a day, or 25-30 hours a week. When I get home from work, I try to do something other than read blogs.

  7. says

    1. Great writing, storytelling, photography, DIY projects (home projects and sewing projects) humor and/or health. Oh, and consistant blogging (not a once or twice a week blogger like myself).

    2. When it gets boring, when there is too much drama, or it’s just no longer interesting to me. I also can’t stand when people blog in their child’s voice as if the child is writing the blog.

    3. Photography, family, health, food, humor and DIY blogs. It’s great when they all combine into one. :)

    4. I consistantly read about 8 blogs. They have changed over the years. Several are my friends, but most are people I’ve never met, but just love their content. I spent probably 30 minutes to an hour a day reading blogs. On the weekend it could be none or more than that if I have the time.

    5. I do blog (www.bethanyandbrad.blogspot.com), it’s about my family, life, recipes, projects, DIY, crafts, things I’m proud of, my son’s sports, my photography – really whatever I want to talk about. The only readers I have are friends and family. I’m not as consistant as I’d like and I have no desire to turn into a blogger where I feel pressure to blog and have followers/fans – I already have a full time job outside the home that stresses me out enough. :)

  8. says

    1.First the content, is it something I am interested in.. i.e. recipe, tutorial
    Humor, stories and recipes usually bring me back.

    2. Not updated regularly

    3. Food/Cake/Dessert/Kids/Home Ideas

    4. About 10 subscribed too and read 2-3 regular/daily. I only spend 30 minutes daily if that, I mean I have 3 kids :)

    5. Yes, mostly desserts and what I learn along the way. I started because people would ask how I made this or that. Something usually crazy happens in the kitchen or with my kids. I live a long distance from my family, it is a way for them to stay connected to my life and passions.

  9. says

    1. What attracts you to a blog enough to add it to your RSS Reader or subscribe via email. What makes you visit and revisit a blog over and over again? I prefer blog posts with photos, and rarely subscribe to blogs where the posts are strictly writing.

    2. What causes you to stop reading a blog? Many things – lack of variety in the posts, the language used in the posts (I do not tolerate cursing), and my changing interests.

    3. What are your favorite type of blogs to read? I love blogs with recipes, craft tutorials, and quilting.

    4. How many blogs do you subscribe too or read on a regular/daily basis?
    My subscription list contains 200 blogs, but all are not updated regularly.

    How much time do you spend on a daily/weekly basis reading blogs? Probably an hour a day; sometimes, two.

    5. Do you blog? Yes http://wyomingbreezes.blogspot.com/

    What do you blog about? Several things: my crafts, my memories, local attractions, and my travels.

    Why do you blog? I blog to record my completed crafts, to preserve my memories and to connect with others.

  10. says

    1) It’s all about the title and the photos. If they don’t grab me, then I move on. I also like to read someone who I can relate to – down to earth ideas and recipes.
    2) The same thing over and over again. I mean how many pictures of one type of flower or bird, etc. can you look at.
    3) I love to read blogs about DIY projects, food, sharing life stories in a unique way. I want to learn something, not just shop around.
    4) Probably about 1-2 hours per day.
    5) Yes – I have two blogs. The one mentioned here which is about creating a new life in a new town, plus some food and DIY and also http://www.whatsbloomingthisweek.blogspot.com (a gardening blog)
    6) I blog to connect with other people and to share what I’m doing mostly with friends and family.

  11. Kim says

    1) If a blog has information that I am interested in like family activities, cooking, celebrating the holidays and decorating then I will subscribe by email.
    2) Content I am not interested in.
    3) Things to do with My Family, Cooking, Celebrating the Holidays, Decorating, Crafts and Saving Money.
    4) I would guess about 40 blogs. I spend about 1-2 hours a day.
    5) I do not blog but I am very interested in starting a blog but I am just not sure how to do it.
    I really enjoy your blog. Thanks.

  12. says

    1. Fun, interesting posts. Well-done photos help to attract my attention. Obviously I keep coming back to blogs that cover the things that I am interested in.
    2. When the blog stops being updated
    3. Food, beauty, fitness, and couponing blogs
    4. I subscribe to about 10 blogs. I like them to be updated daily and I read them daily. I am a homemaker right now so I don’t mind spending a couple of hours on my blog and/or reading other blogs.
    5. I do blog! I started blogging because I live across the country from my family and my blog helps them feel connected to me. I blog about anything and everything in my life. Cooking, baking, fitness, beauty, couponing, sports, my dogs, etc.

  13. Bridee says

    1. Good recipes, good tips, interesting life.
    3. Recipes, fitness related, inspiring ideas.
    4. 4-10, 10-30 minutes daily
    5. I do not blog… don’t have time.

  14. says

    1. new ideas, good recipes, good pictures, creativity
    2. Too many giveaways and advertising
    3.Mommy/grandma blogs, cooking blogs and craft ideas
    4. 15-20 blogs. I spend about 15-30 mins a day reading them
    5.Yes @ pinkpolkadotcreations.com. I blog about crafts, cooking, family, printables and I do a VT message idea every month.

    I am signed up for the Story at Home conference and I am so excited to attend.it and learn all that I can. I am a new blogger of 5 months and have so much to learn. I am excited to attend your class and to meet you!

  15. Valerie A. H. says

    1. I only subscribe to blogs that inspire me to cook, create or encourage.
    I don’t want to waste my day reading a million blogs so I must be choosey. For me, it’s the content and not what the blog looks like that counts (But the blog design is a plus).
    2. I stop reading a blog if it lacks posts or only shows pictures of their kids, etc.
    3. Same as #1.
    4. I subscribe to about 5 blogs but that doesn’t mean I don’t go check out other blogs (many different ones but not everyday). It depends on how much time I have and what kind of blog I feel like reading, ie food, decorating, photography, crafts, etc. I’d say that I spend about 20 mins. a day on blogs.
    5. I do not blog. I would have way too much fun with it and would put too much time into it. It’s the time factor that stops me from having one.
    I’m truely grateful to those that do have blogs. I appreciate the information they share very much.

  16. Angie C. says

    1. What attracts you to a blog enough to add it to your RSS Reader or subscribe via email. What makes you visit and revisit a blog over and over again?

    When I find that I’m hitting my favorites tab every day to go to the same site, I’ll subscribe by email. I visit blogs over and over again if they 1)relate to our homeschool journey, 2)aren’t overloaded with advertising, 3) provide different views on subjects, and 4) have new ideas for the same old stuff. :)

    2. What causes you to stop reading a blog?

    If the blogger starts to sound condescending, and if I don’t find relevant posts anymore. Blogs that are geared towards lots of outside work, high school, or girls don’t have much in common with our lives.

    3. What are your favorite type of blogs to read?

    My favorite types of blogs are those where I can connect with the blogger – whether it be from shared experiences or the tone of the blog (open versus just information).

    4. How many blogs do you subscribe too or read on a regular/daily basis? How much time do you spend on a daily/weekly basis reading blogs?

    I’m subscribed to 8-10 blogs. I’d say I read about 15 minutes a day on blogs I’m subscribed to and far too much on blogs that I’m not. Hey, it takes time to scroll through all those posts!

    5. Do you blog? What do you blog about? Why do you blog?

    I wish I blogged. I’d love to blog about my life, what we do in homeschool, and provide links to others that are searching for the same things I am. I don’t because I don’t think I have the time and that, frankly, my life isn’t interesting enough.

  17. Elizabeth says

    #1: great recipes, home making tips, DIY projects, clear and concise writing,

    #2: small print or black background, too much religion, politics, too much info about kids and kid projects, boring content, recipes with items not usually in a well stocked pantry.

    #3: Just plan interesting, I love all your blogs.

    #4: Way too many and way too much time, what did I ever do before blogs. I do learn a lot from them am always remaking to friends about what I learned or I saw.

    #5: I don’t blog, friends say I should, they think I have an interesting life, I disagree. I think I would be too embarrassed to be out there.

  18. says

    1. Needs a clean, organized look that is easy to navigate through, and must offer ideas for things I am interested in.
    2. I stop reading when there are too many posts. I think more than 1 or 2 a day gets excessive, and the value in each post is lost.
    3. My favorites feature baking, cooking, party/entertaining ideas, and occasionally, crafting
    4. I’m subscribed to about 40-50 blogs, although some I read thoroughly, while others, I tend to just scroll through quickly and see if anything catches my eye or is worthy of pinning.
    5. Yes, I blog, mainly about food. I like to cook and bake, so blogging is a good way for me to document and keep track of the recipes I’ve tried. I also live far from my family so they follow my blog, and it’s a way for them to stay connected with me and see what’s been happening in my life. (Of course, in addition to phone calls, etc)

  19. Vicki says

    1. A topic that relates to my life. Interesting ideas, good recipes, crafts, kids..etc
    2. No variety, no pictures, no new ideas.
    3. Food, quilts, photography, kids, family, christian growth
    4. I read 2 regularly-Your Homebased Mom and The Pioneer Woman but subscribe to over 20.
    5. I have a blog for my business.

  20. Amie says

    Leigh Anne, You’re amazing! I don’t know how you do it all!! I read your family blog……congrats!! Wish I was there to participate in the BYU run :) My mom ran her first marathon this last year to celebrate her 60th birthday (Portland Marathon) My sister, brother, and I all ran too and joined in the celebration……..so you can totally do the half marathon! (It was my 5th but everyone else’s 1st)

    Anyway…I have a question. One of the girls on my daughter’s high school basketball team is moving back home (New Zealand) for surgery/rehab after she suffered an ACL tear in their last home game. The kids at school want to have a going away party for her…..at my house on THURSDAY!!! Since you are the queen of food, decorating, and parties can you give me any last minute ideas, tips etc.? I’m feeling a little stressed:) Help!!

  21. Erin says

    1. I read a blog when its fun and entertaining and pretty and has good recipes and other useful/entertaning tips.
    2. I stop reading a blog when I feel like they are too into giveaways and getting sponsors and the blog starts to lose it true self. Also once things get too political I lose interest. I’m not there to hear opinions, I’m there to learn something new and uplifting.
    3. Recipes, crafting, organization, how to make my home prettier and more functional. But blogs like CJane and NieNie I love because they bring in some perspective to my life.
    4. I keep my blog list short and sweet. I recently removed a few because they just weren’t keeping my interested. I follow about 10.
    5. I have a blog about my family. Haven’t updated for a while. I started it so that family members who live far away could see what we were up to.

  22. says

    1. I read a blog when it has practical and useful information about my interest. Since I am lazy, I will subscribe via email. If it’s hard to find the email subscription, I usually won’t bother with the blog anymore unless the info is just that amazing, then I add it to my favorites bar.

    2. I will stop reading a blog when the info becomes, pointless, the crafts are just junk for children (stuff you throw away the next day) or the information has no lasting or longterm value. Also, if the meat of the blog is not in my interest areas and it outweighs the quality or quantity of info that is in my interest areas.

    3. My favorite blogs to read are recipe, food storage, self reliance/preparedness, gardening and when I want something to make me laugh….conspiracy, which I think is some crazy stuff written by not exactly sane or normal people. :)

    4. I read 6-10 blogs. I have about 5 long term reading standby’s and the others are more like phases that I move in and out of. I will spend anywhere from 3-24 hours a week reading blogs.

    5. Yes, I blog. I blog mostly about my food storage recipes and gardening. (Which go hand in hand, just so you know. :)) On occassion, I will repost a recipe I found elsewhere, but mostly they are my own creations.
    I blog because I think people have this horrible misconception about food storage, what it is, what it is for, and how it taste. I wish everybody could see the usefulness and health involved in living a ‘food storage’ lifestyle and move away from the stereotypical ‘beans, wheat and chunky milk’ stigma or the ‘only crazy people who think the end of the world is coming’ stigma that is most often associated with it.

  23. kmm says

    1. If I find that I’m visiting a blog quite a bit I’ll add it to my Reader. I actually prefer using Reader, because then I don’t have to click around to a bunch of blogs and can survey content to see if I want to even open the post or not.

    2. I generally unsubscribe when blogs start hiding the full posts of the content – I realize that the blogger is attempting to force visits to the blog to support advertising #s, but it turns me off. I like to classify and categorize what I want to save in Reader (recipes, craft ideas, etc.) – if a blogger starts hiding most of the content I just unsubscribe and don’t visit again (you asked for honesty!).

    3. Recipes; Catholic blogs, crafts; family stories; blogs that share fonts, free printables; blogs pertaining to my academic & professional interest

    4. I have pared down my subscriptions over the past year or so; I now subscribe to 29 blogs, and I spend about 1 hour a day reading blogs.

    5. I don’t blog, and I don’t plan to. There’s lots of great content already out in the blogosphere!

  24. says

    1-Blogs with good photos, writing and or recipes will catch and keep my attention.
    2-I’ve stopped reading blogs for different reasons. Either they get political or they post something I consider to be in poor taste. Sometimes I just realize we aren’t into the same things.
    3-I like home decor and DIY blogs mainly.
    4-100+ blogs. It depends on the day. An hour or more some days, other days I don’t read them at all.
    5-Yes. I blog about home decor, DIY projects, thrifting, recipes…kind of whatever I want. I blog because my husband’s eyes glaze over when I go into detail about any of this stuff, and I wanted to find people who like the same things I do and who actually want to talk about it.

  25. marixxa says

    1. Beautiful photos and captions.
    2. I tend to ‘forget’ visiting blogs that are often ‘neglected’ for several days. I love reading new stuff daily or at least every two days. Poor quality photos will also shoo me away.
    3. Family stuff. Children. DIY. Home. Cooking/Baking.
    4. 5. 1 hour a day.
    5. Yes.

  26. says

    1. Things that are useful for me, that are interesting for me. Things that are practical (because I don’t have a lot of time to do stuff, even if I wanted to). If the blog continously has stuff that I would like to do or has step-by-step stuff, I would definitely revisit and suscribe.
    2. I stop reading a blog when the posts are not attractive to me.
    3. My favorite are food recipes, DIY, crafts, kids activities and stuff for them you can make, and furniture makeover.
    4. Around 20 on a daily basis. I spend around 4 hours reading blogs and things that interest me.
    5. I blog, about food, DIY, decoration (what I like, although I’m not a decorator), holidays, traditions. I blog because I like to share my experiences, thoughts and the things that I love doing and tasting (food).

  27. Wendy L. says

    1. Creative ideas that I think I may actually use.
    2. I may stop reading if there are too many posts, or things I’m just not interested in. I actually don’t always notice if it hasn’t been updated frequently, because I use google reader, I only see those blogs with new posts.
    3. Cooking, decorating, paper crafts, photography, and friends’ blogs.
    4. I subscribe to about 25-30 blogs, and skim through every day for about 20 minutes.
    5. I do not blog.

  28. Shirley says

    1. If I feel like reading the blog leaves me being a better person for having spent the time. Yours does!
    2. I’m pretty time conscious and so if I feel like the benefit doesn’t outweigh the time spent…then out it goes!
    3. I enjoy blogs that are spiritual, motivational and educational
    4. I would say I spent 1-2 hours a week scanning different blogs. I currently subscribe to 5 blogs…and you’re one of them!!
    5. I plan to have a blog in the next few months….that’s why I am attending the Story@Home Conference!!

  29. says

    1.. If it’s funny, if they update it frequently, if it has stuff that relates to me or is helpful, has good ideas, good crafts and recipes

    2. When they start advertising products or companies too much or doing too many giveaways or don’t update it frequently, stop posting stuff that their blog is supposed to be about

    3. crafts, DIY, recipes, and blogs of close friends/family

    4. I subscribe to about 80 but many of those don’t update anymore

    5. Personal and family journal, way to share ideas with others, crafts I make, recipes I make, ideas about saving money

  30. says

    1. I have to be able to relate to it somehow; my life changes & so do my blog reading choices, but whatever my current “state” of life is, the blogs I read mostly refect that. I need to be able to feel like I can either sit down & have a conversation with that person or be totally amazed at how different they are from me. As for visiting a blog numerous times, it has to be new content & definitely not “recycled” schtick. Pictures are always a plus, especially with food blogs!

    2. As soon as I feel like they’re just there to pitch their latest “e-book”, I’m out. I also really can’t stand a post every single day & some of them even post more than once a day – ack! I barely have time to “make the rounds” with the blogs a few times a week, so if I open up my Reader & theirs more than 3 or 4 blogs in a week from one blog, I don’t even bother. I just click “Mark All As Read” and I don’t look back!!

    3. SHORT posts and / or super practical posts that relate to my current state of life.

    4. 40 blogs & about 30 of those post at least once a week; the others are every now & then. 7 of those that post are friends of mine and I typically read about half of the blogs I’m subscribed to. Maybe an hour a week to read them…and that’s being generous.

    5. Yes. I blog about my life as a SAHM. I blog because I feel “creative” because of the way the blog looks & also it helps keep me connected with those who don’t get to see my life in person, day to day.

  31. says

    1. If the content is something I can relate to. Clean, clutter free. Easy on the eyes.

    2. Few posts or irregular posting {I’ve been guilty of this on my own blog with 2 toddlers running my life!}

    3. Anything food, home, family, or photography.

    4. I follow about 20 blogs regularly. I used to spend a few hours a day catching up on blogs. Now its about a few hours a week.

    5. Yes! I do! I blog about my journey through parenthood. I mostly post stories I want to remember, milestones my son and daughter have hit, lots of pictures. My blog initially was aimed at offering advice to first time parents. I think in a way it still does… just wish I could devote more time to it. I was a cloth diapering mom the 1st go-round and I made my own baby food with both kids!

  32. says

    I am seriously considering coming to Story@Home Conference. I need to ask around to see if I can find someone to come with me. I live close, so it wouldn’t take much effort to get there. I would just have to find someone to watch my 2 year old while my husband is at work.

    1. Definitely content. I want it to make me laugh, smile, think, feel uplifted, and sometimes make me cry.

    2. If I start to get bored with the content I will stop following a blog. One blog I was following started posting 2+ times a day. It got old really fast, so I stopped following. If the blog no longer does the things I mentioned in #1, then I will generally stop following.

    3. I love to read food blogs, fashion blogs, family blogs, and lifestyle blogs

    4. I probably subscribe to 50+ blogs, but I only spend about 30 minutes a day reading the blogs through Google Reader.

    5. I have several blogs (fashion, family, food) that I’ve started, but haven’t kept up. I think I’m still trying to find my niche. I’ve blogged the most at my poetry blog, katiespoetry.blogspot.com but don’t really have a large audience for that.

  33. Carole Lee says

    I read your blog because it is wholesome and just wonderful. I enjoy the recipes, photos, your family and the goodness and warmth that you share in your writing. Thank you for being there for me to read each day and to experiment with new recipes as I love to cook (and eat good food).

  34. says

    1. Interesting and pertinent content and yours in particular is filled with so much beauty and yumminess! I love your creativity and it is inspirational.
    2. I usually stop reading if I find that I’m not reading and just deleting posts because they are no longer things I’m interested in. Recipes, crafts etc are not things I want to do. Lots of unrelated things can turn me off too (too many coupon/deals posts)
    3. I read sewing, homeschooling, baking/cooking and pregnancy/birth blogs. I have found 5-6 that I like on each topic and I adjust subscriptions as I come across more or get tired of others.
    4. I’m subscribed to about 80 currently. I read blogs for probably 30-45m a day. I’m still nursing my littlest and that is when a lot of my blog reading happens.
    5. I had an old blog that I hadn’t updated in awhile that I just recently resurrected. I do a lot of crafting/baking etc and was hoping to have a place to share more pictures/tutorials with friends and store for my own purposes. So it will have everything from sewing, baking, cooking, menu planning, crafting etc on it.

    I love your blog. It’s both so beautiful and delicious at the same time. And as a mom of three with hopes of a fourth (if I can maintain my sanity to make that happen) I look at your beautiful family and hope when can be half as beautiful! Gorgeous, wonderful family.

  35. says

    1. I visit blogs over and over because the author is GENUINE and I have similar interests. Also love when they respond to my comments.
    2. I stop reading if there are too many product reviews or if content becomes ho-hum same and same and same.
    3. Faves: food, family ideas, religious family ideas, DIY
    4. I spend about an hour or so per day perusing bloggyland.
    5. I blog. I blog recipes, DIY, mommy things, faith inspiration (just starting there), and whatever else comes to mind throughout my day. I blog to keep family aware of my happenings, to entertain myself, and because I want a Shabby Apple dress!

  36. kelly says

    i blog just to have my daily happenings in one place to make into a book. like a journal with pictures!
    i love your blog because it is simple,i cannot read really long posts but love to hear tidbits about your family, recipes, parties.stuff that i can use in my life and relate to.
    depending on the day i spend about an hour perusing blogs. i look at my blog list and see what titles grab me that day and choose about 4-5 to look at.
    you’ll do great!

  37. says

    Very interesting questions and answers! I just hopped over to your family blog–very fun! I am in need of a little blog tweaking, I may contact the gal who help you with design.

    My answeres:
    1. What attracts you to a blog enough to add it to your RSS Reader or subscribe via email. What makes you visit and revisit a blog over and over again? I actually don’t even add anyone via RSS or email, I get way too many emails…I will LIKE on facebook if I want to see them again, and I wish I did something because I have about 10 blogs I’ll check just off the top of my head and go directly there.

    2. What causes you to stop reading a blog? too many advertisements, too many giveaways, not enough great content

    3. What are your favorite type of blogs to read? I like it all: home decor, holiday crafts, recipes, a few lifestyle but I like lots of pictures, I can read too much writing without pictures.

    4. How many blogs do you subscribe too or read on a regular/daily basis? nothing daily…too much time contributing to my own! How much time do you spend on a daily/weekly basis reading blogs? weekly: 2 hours.

    5. Do you blog? What do you blog about? Why do you blog?
    Yes: started with photography, spun off into all the other types of blogs I like to read. I love to hear from people, but also I have so much to share and if people want to listen, it makes it so much more fun!

  38. says

    I should also add that I DO judge a blog by its “cover” I like really nice design work, not too cluttery, something put together nicely. I like pretty! I don’t mind adds, but the header leaves a first impression that tells me if I want to stick around long term or not.

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