A Cute Skirt

I wasn’t planning a post today but I just decided I wanted to share.  I’m kind of proud of myself.

You see, several months ago I saw this skirt at Anthropologie and fell in love with the Tria Sweater Skirt.

Tria Sweater Skirt

The price tag was $128.00 – a little out of my budget.  So I do what I usually do and wait it out, hoping the item makes it to the sale room.  Well, The Tria Sweater Skirt never made it.  Guess too many people thought it was as cute as I did.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own.  I made a trip to Goodwill where I found a gray, heathered man’s sweater.  Picked up a bit of trim and felted wool from the fabric store and got to work.

And I made this….

Anthropologie Inspired Skirt

So you will notice, mine is not exactly the same.  I was going from memory when I was working on it and I put my ruffles in a different order but I think I might like my little artistic change better than the original.

I love my skirt!  The best part is – it only cost me about $8.00 and about an hours worth of work!!  I can’t tell you how many comments on I get on it – in fact a sweet gal stopped me in Walgreen’s yesterday (as I was buying cold medicine for my sick Tessa)and asked  if I ever considered making them and selling them.

Anthropologie Inspired Skirt

For a tutorial on how I turn the sweater into a skirt check my original Anthropologie Inspired Skirt here.  I’ve got a few more in the works too I’ll share after I get done sewing 3 vintage dresses for Tessa for her part as Amber in Hairspray!!

If you haven’t checked out Tessa’s giveaway for another cute item I made be sure and pay her a visit.  Giveaway ends soon!!  It will cheer her up too if you enter – she is home sick in bed today.

Leigh Anne
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  1. says

    Everytime I see something you make I want to copy!! I don’t have a sewing machine and asked my hubby for one for Christmas. He just laughed and said ‘When do you honestly think you would ever have time to sew?!?’ Very true (I have two boys ages 3.5 & 2 & am pregnant) so knew he was right :( Guess I will just have to keep bookmarking these for ‘someday’!!

  2. Suz says

    Leigh Anne!
    The skirt is adorable and a MUCH improved version of the Anthropologie one. You are one creative lady. I am so glad you decided to post……..I miss you when we can’t have breakfast or lunch together. Hope your daughter is feeling better. Our crew has been under the weather as well.

  3. Erin says

    Will you please be my mom? :)
    Ok, I could never trade my mom, but you would be on my wish list! VERY cute skirt, you are so very talented!

  4. Dana says

    Oh my goodness! Your skirt is absolutely adorable! You did a fantastic job! Even cuter than the Anthropologie skirt! And it looks super cute with your tights!


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