Fresh Tomato Soup

tomato soup

Today is another Recipe Redo.  I am redoing another one of the very first recipes I shared with you back in October 2007.  It is still one of our family favorites, especially this time of year.  Last year was deemed “the year of the green tomato” here in in Oregon but this year we have an amazing crop of tomatoes.  Fresh Tomato & Herb Soup is one of my favorite things to make with tomatoes fresh from the garden. I have updated the recipe to show you how to prepare [Continue Reading…]

In-N-Out Burger Copycat Recipe

In-N-Out BUrger

This In-n-Out Burger copycat version may just be better than the real thing!I grew up with a mother who was born and bred in California and thus a huge fan of In-N-Out Burgers.  I on the other hand was born in California but raised in Wisconsin, a state with no In-N-Out within a 1,000 miles or more.  It wasn’t actually until I was an adult myself and on a trip to California that I experienced my first In-N-Out burger.  If my mother ever took me as a child I don’t [Continue Reading…]

Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles

Halloween Potion Bottles

I’ve been busy decking the halls for Halloween this week and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to. I’ve made a few trips to Goodwill and found a few treasures this week including some great old apothecary style jars.  As soon as I saw them I knew what I wanted to do with them.  I recently became the proud owner of a new Silhouette Cameo and it has been so fun! Silhouette sent me some of their great new printable gold and silver foil as well [Continue Reading…]

14 Delicious Apple Recipes for Fall

Apple Recipes

I hope that yesterday’s post totally got you in the mood for apples with Apple Pie Ice Cream  If that didn’t do it then today’s post should do it! I put together a collection of 14 delicious apple recipes for fall. 14 Delicious Apple Recipes – perfect for Fall!  Apple Strudel Muffins  –  Autumn Apple Salad  –  Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce  –  Easy Apple Pie   Cinnamon Apple Dutch Baby Pancake – Dulce de Leche and Apples  –  Apple Bars  –  Apple Caramel Bundt Cake Apple Pie Ice Cream  [Continue Reading…]

Apple Pie Ice Cream

apple pie

The beginnings of Fall have arrived. The cooler mornings that I love, the leaves beginning to change and lots of apples at the Farmer’s Market. I even pulled out the flannel pajamas this week! I think most of you would agree that Fall and apples can only mean one thing – apple pie.  I love a good apple pie.  I don’t like making pie crust.  That is why I love my Easy Apple Pie recipe so much.  There is no pie crust.  If you haven’t made this apple pie before [Continue Reading…]

Reusable, Erasable Place Cards

make your own place cards

We are not big “toy” people at our hoUpload/Insert use.  We are not into having the latest technology.  My husband still loves his “dumb” phone.  We drive our cars until they die. We don’t have a flat screen or plasma TV and our computers are ancient and we don’t own an IPad (although I wish we did!).  Having said that there are a couple of toys that I really love.  One of them is my laminator. When my  kids were little my laminator was in constant use.  We use to [Continue Reading…]

Mexican Caesar Wedge Salad

Wedge Salad

On my last two trips to Provo, Utah I have visited the Black Sheep Cafe.  I actually did more than visit – I ate there!  It is a new restaurant in Provo and is Native American cuisine.  It is so good and if you are in the Utah Valley area you must pay them a visit. One of the items we had was a wedge salad.  It had been years since I had a wedge salad and I forgot how fun and delicious they are.   It is a fun salad [Continue Reading…]

How to Build a Dance Floor

Dance Floor

After reading the title of today’s post you may have thought – I will never need to build a dance floor.  I thought the same thing. But you might and when and if you do this post on How to Build a Dance Floor will come in handy.  Be sure and Pin it so you know where to find it when you need it. I shared with you in a previous Wedding Carnival post the story of our dance floor.  When we decided to book a live band for the [Continue Reading…]

Garlic Cheese Pull Apart Bread with Frozen Bread Dough-garlic bread at it’s finest

Garlic Cheese Pull Apart Bread

This was originally posted over at  Thirty Handmade Days  Garlic bread that is full of garlic, cheese and yumminess. I have friends who have never made homemade bread or rolls because the idea of working with yeast scares them to death! They love a fresh loaf of bread or pan of rolls right out of the oven but the thought of having to work with yeast stops them in their tracks. Is that you or someone you know? Well, if you are that person or you know that person, today’s [Continue Reading…]