Chicken Amandine Recipe – dinner in under fifteen minutes

Chicken Amandine

Dinner in under fifteen minutes?  Really! My mom is a big fan of the TV show Chew.  I have never actually seen it but she raves about it all the time and one of these days I’m going to watch.  Maybe when I’m done working on the Wedding Carnival! She has sent me several recipes that she has seen them prepare on the show and they are always delicious and this recipe was no different.  We loved it.  We try a lot of new recipes at our house but sometimes [Continue Reading…]

M & M Blondies – Red, White & Blondie

M & M Blondies

Can someone tell me how next week could possibly be July!!  June flew by and I really don’t even feel like summer has started yet.  Maybe it is our lack of warm sunshine??  Sixty degrees just doesn’t feel too summery but I can’t complain because the rain has been good for our garden and all the new plants we put in the ground in preparation for the Wedding Carnival.   I really must share a few of the many projects I have been working for the Wedding Carnival soon! We are [Continue Reading…]

A Weekend Wedding


This last weekend we made a quick trip to Utah for my nephew’s wedding.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we boarded the plane in 60 degree weather and got off two hours later to 95 degree weather.  Thank goodness for that dry Utah heat.  Makes it so much more bearable. I thought it would be fun to share with you a few of the photos I took over the weekend from the wedding. The wedding took place in the beautiful Mt. Timpanogos Temple. The bride and groom were radiant. [Continue Reading…]

Soda Pop Ice Cream Recipe

Soda Pop Ice Cream

Friday we flew to Utah for a nephew’s wedding.  It was  63 degrees in Portland when we boarded the plane.  Two hours later we got off the plane in Utah and it was 95 degrees.  We went from Spring to Summer in two hours!  It was a little bit of a shock to the system!! 95 degree weather calls for a cold soda and ice cream.  Today’s Soda Pop Ice Cream Recipe is a combination of the two – a cold soda and ice cream.   It may or may [Continue Reading…]

Ice Cream Brownie Cake with Rolo Recipe

ICe Cream Brownie Cake with Rolos

Forgot to mention that I have a yummy recipe post up over at 30 Handmade Days.  I have also included the recipe below. It is a chocolate, ice cream and caramel kind of goodness.  It’s what I made for Father’s Day dessert.  You’re going to like and so is your father! Ice Cream Brownie Cake with Rolos!   We are big ice cream fans at our house.  Growing up my dad was probably the biggest ice cream fan of all of us.  I remember each night he would scoop himself [Continue Reading…]

Shabby Apple $75.00 Gift Card Giveaway


This Giveaway is now closed. Shabby Apple Giveaway I am excited to kick the weekend off with a fun giveaway for you – wish I could win this one myself! Shabby Apple is an online boutique with vintage-inspired, modest, and adorable clothes.  The Wilkes girls, including myself, own several dresses from Shabby Apple and a couple of their darling swimsuits as well. In fact my girls are wearing a pretty Shabby Apple dress to their brother’s wedding this summer.  Yes, we love Shabby Apple at our house.  If you are [Continue Reading…]

Taco Bake Recipe

Taco Bake Recipe

I think every mom has their “Go To” dinner recipes.  I know I do. Now that we are empty nesters (except for this summer thank goodness!) my “Go To” dinner recipe is sometimes take out!! But when I was a mom of four little kids those go to recipes usually included Boboli pizza, BBQ Chicken Wingettes and tacos. I remember one of my mom’s go to recipes was also tacos.  We like those crispy shells. Earlier this week I was feeling pretty uninspired in regards to what to have for [Continue Reading…]

Photo Organization – “Can Someone Please Do It For Me?”


Many of you know that I spent 20 years of my life helping people organize their photos. I helped them get those photos out of their shoe boxes, out from underneath the bed and attic and into an archival quality scrapbook where they could enjoy the photos and preserve the stories. Even though I am no longer with that company I still have a love and passion for photos and the importance of having our photos somewhere safe and where they can be enjoyed.  During those twenty years I watched [Continue Reading…]

Dulce de Leche Bars

dulce de leche bars(1)

I still had some of my Crock Pot Dulce de Leche left after our Mock Fried Ice Cream and I needed a bar cookie to take to an event so I decided to put that dulce de leche to work! I used a recipe for dulce de leche bars I had from Betty Crocker and just tweeked it a bit.  I added chocolate.  Not sure you can really have caramel without chocolate – can you? The base of the bars is a combination of  flour, butter, brown sugar and oats. [Continue Reading…]