Back to School Giveaway!


Today’s giveaway will help get you into that Back to School mood (if you’re not already!)  School doesn’t start here in Portland until after Labor Day.  This will be the first time in a long time that I won’t have someone to send off to school that day.  My college kids started last week.  Guess I’ll be making my traditional first day of school cookies for the neighbor kids this year! A great way to show school spirit is with a darling school colored headband from Prettylicious etsy shop!  This [Continue Reading…]

A Favor


So I am sitting at the Salt Lake Airport, just a little teary.  So the guy that took my bag probably thought some great tragedy had happened as I thanked him for taking my bag with tears running down my face.  I just said good bye to my baby once again.  I took her to college in June but I knew it was only a for a few short weeks and she would be home again.  I am leaving her once again but this time she and her siblings won’t [Continue Reading…]

Gluten Free Zucchini Bread

gluten free zucchini bread

Like many of you I have an overabundance of zucchini right now.  What is it with zucchini anyway that makes it so prolific!? While the girls were home the last two weeks I put Cali to work in the kitchen and she tried out a bunch of new zucchini bread recipes.  We had blueberry zucchini bread, zucchini bread with chocolate chips and then since Cali can’t have wheat so she made a gluten free version too. The result was a lot of loaves of zucchini bread so Cali wrapped them [Continue Reading…]

Portland}Pour Que No

pour que no

I am in Provo, Utah for a few days depositing my girls back at college.  I miss them already and I haven’t left Provo yet.  While they were home we had a list of things we wanted to do while they were home.  One of them was to visit one of our favorite Mexican restaurants – Pour Que No. Pour Que No is hard to miss. For some reason  bright teal blue buildings just stick out!    Pour Que No actually has two locations.  One at 4635 SE Hawthorne and the [Continue Reading…]

Cinnamon Roll Cake

Cinnamon Roll Cake

Do you ever crave cinnamon rolls?  That sweet, gooey-ness??  Then you think about how much time is involved in making them and you just get over it? Well, I have the perfect solution!  Make a cinnamon roll cake. You get all the same sweetness and gooey-ness in so much less time! I took the cake to a potluck dinner we were invited to and brought home an empty pan.  In fact we were scrapping the sides of the pan as I left, trying to get every last bit of yumminess [Continue Reading…]

Orange Ice


We are having a heat wave here in Portland this week.  A heat wave consists of more than one day in a row over 90 degrees.  In fact, we hit 90 degrees for the first time this summer this week.  Heat wave! We decided to pull out the old Cuisinart ice cream maker and make something cool and frosty to eat. Since Cali is a non-dairy eater these days I decided to make an ice.  That way Cali could enjoy it with us. I had a bowl full of oranges [Continue Reading…]

Portland}The Sugar Cube Food Cart

sugar cube

When people ask me what type of blog I have I’m never quite sure what to say.  I’m not just a food blog or a craft blog or a mommy blog or a party blog although I blog about all those things.  Basically I blog about all the things I love.  I blog about things that are pretty and delicious. One of the things I love is where I live – Portland, Oregon.  A while back I started another  blog – Homebased Portland which was all about fun things and [Continue Reading…]

Raspberry Chipotle Sauce


You may remember that several weeks ago I had a fun visit at my home with Melanie from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.  We had a s’more feast.  But lest you think that is all I served I did have something else a little more sophisticated! We had a little appetizer before our s’mores and it included today’s recipe for Raspberry Chipotle Sauce. I love a little sweet with my heat and Raspberry Chipotle Sauce is just that – sweet and heat. The other thing I love about this recipe is it’s [Continue Reading…]

Neighborhood Movie Night and Treat Wagon

neighborhood outdoor movie night

Summer is nearing it’s end and around here it seems like it has just begun.  The girls are home on a two week break between semesters and we are squeezing every ounce of fun we can out of it!  We had a fun craft day on Monday (which I’ll share later) and then we ended the day with a neighborhood potluck and movie night.  This has become a tradition in our cul de sac. It is a fun and easy way to get together and enjoy one another.  It seems [Continue Reading…]