BYU Women’s Conference

april 2011 wc, student of the month 015

While I sit in my hotel room in Provo, Utah waiting for the inch or two of snow that is outside to melt (yes, I am sure it will melt before I have to outside!!) I thought I’d share some photos from my fun past few days. Yes, I said snow! Yes, it is May tomorrow and it snowed last night. Glad all I brought were open toed shoes.  I always love an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.  I can’t possibly walk around in the snow with [Continue Reading…]

Malted Milk Ball Chewies


So I have a rating system for cookies.  It doesn’t involve stars or thumbs up – it involves cookies.  Or more specifically how many of the cookies did I eat! Some cookies are just One Cookie recipes, meaning I ate one and was satisfied, I got a taste and that was enough. But some cookie recipes are Five Cookie recipes and today’s recipe is one of them!  I think I ate at least five.  So much for portion control!! I needed to make cookies to take to some of the [Continue Reading…]

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce


Today’s recipe may be one of my favorite meals of all time.  It is real comfort food to me. This recipe also makes enough for at least two meals for us, even more now with my reduced size family.  I love having a container or two of it in my freezer for those evenings when I just don’t feel like cooking or the day has been too crazy.  I can have a nice, yummy meal together in the amount of time it takes to boil the pasta. This is one [Continue Reading…]

Very Jane Giveaway – $40 Target Gift Card

very jane deals

I love a good deal – and I know you probably do too! I also love handmade and boutique items  and if you do too – you are going to love Very Jane, a brand new Daily Boutique Deals site. If you haven’t heard of them, no worries, they are brand new – this week!!  And to celebrate their beginning they are giving away Very Jane deals for the first two weeks for FREE!!!  Yes, I said Free! Yesterday,  I was able to download a darling “Pretty Bird” print.  I [Continue Reading…]

Magleby’s Rolls

Magleby's Rolls

Today’s recipe is a repeat here on the blog. But I promise you will thank me for it. This recipe was one of the very first recipes I posted here on the blog – back in October of 2007, one month after I started my blog.  The recipe is somewhat lost at the end of a soup recipe (a yummy one) and the photos aren’t very good so if you never saw it I’m not surprised. This recipe is a copycat recipe for Magleby’s Rolls that they  make at a [Continue Reading…]

Easter Pretty and Traditions


I shared some of these photos on Facebook but while I work on a few recipe posts for you I thought I’d just share a few pretty shots from our Easter weekend. I have a pot of loveliness simmering on the stove right now that I can’t wait to share this week too. But I miss not sharing my pretty photos with you this year so here are a few to enjoy as well as one of our Easter family traditions. Easter isn’t Easter without some pretty tulips… Of course [Continue Reading…]

Make Your Own Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets

So this post is what happens when I am bored on a Friday night. I wasn’t going to post this. I figured it was too late as Easter is on Sunday and I should just save it for next year. But it just turned out too cute and like I said I’m bored – so you get two posts today!! I had seen this idea over here. A super cute Easter photo shoot. I loved everything about the shoot but I particularly fell in love with the fun Easter baskets. [Continue Reading…]

Fresno Potatoes


Three years ago I posted my Easter dinner menu.  One of the things on the menu was Fresno Potatoes.  I never got around to posting this recipe because I forgot to take pictures – not because it wasn’t a good recipe. Recently, several of you have emailed me after reading that old post asking about the Fresno Potatoes.  So instead of just emailing the recipe out I figured I’d post it here  on the blog. Fresno Potatoes was on our Easter menu again this year!  Now I have photos for [Continue Reading…]

Spinach Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing and Sugared Nuts

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Today is one of those “I think everyone probably has it” recipes or at least some version of it.  There is probably a reason for that – because it is so good! I have been making this Spinach Strawberry Salad for years and  the recipe originally came from my friend Laurie.  She brought it to a potluck and I knew I had to have the recipe. I served it last Easter  and will be serving it again this year. I had it listed on my Easter menu a few years [Continue Reading…]