Happy New Year’s


Can you believe 2012 is almost here?! I can’t. I spent a little time today making some New Year’s Eve plans. I’m still not sure who will be home and who won’t. That is life with four young adults but we’re just along for the ride!! I did do a little New Year’s decorating.  I cleared off one of my side tables.  The Christmas decorations stay up through  New Year’s Day at our house but I decided a little New Year’s decor was needed. I found this great subway art  [Continue Reading…]

Reader Top Posts of 2011

what to wear

It is always interesting to go into my Goggle Analytic and see which posts were visited the most.  Pinterest has definitely impacted it.  Most of the posts that are in the top ten are Post-Pinterest.   I love going onto to Pinterest and seeing you and others pinning my posts!  Starting in 2012 I’ll be adding a Pin It button to my posts to make it easier for you! First I’ll share your top ten most visited posts for 2011 and then tomorrow I’ll be back with my favorite posts of [Continue Reading…]

Bacon Wrapped Dates Drizzled with Maple Syrup

Bacon Wrapped Dates drizzled with maple syrup

These bacon wrapped dates will fly off the plate at your  next party!  There is a special surprise waiting inside of them too! So I thought I didn’t like dates.  I was wrong.  I am not sure why I thought I didn’t like dates because, actually, prior to partaking of today’s particular delicacy I don’t think I had ever eaten a date before.  I just knew I wouldn’t like them. Well I was wrong.  At least when it comes to Bacon Wrapped Dates Drizzled with Maple Syrup I was wrong. [Continue Reading…]

College Textbook Rental

campus books

This post is for anyone who is going to college, may go to college one day or knows someone who will!  Today I’ve got a great money saving tip for you!! If you don’t, come back tomorrow for a great New Year’s Eve appetizer recipe! We are having a lot of fun here at the Wilkes house having all four kids home.  The kids were so ready to come home.  Three of them had finals right before they came home so they were ready for a break. There has been [Continue Reading…]

Christmas Day at our House

Christmas Day

These days Christmas morning starts a lot later than it use to.  In fact we usually have to wake the kids up now that they are all young adults. But when they were little we use to buy ourselves a few extra minutes of sleep and Santa would leave their stockings outside their bedroom door. When they woke up they could entertain themselves with what was in their stockings for a while and let mom and dad sleep just a bit longer. Some of the favorite stocking stuffers at our [Continue Reading…]

Christmas Eve at Our House

Christmas Eve

Even though Christmas has now come and gone I thought it might be fun to share with you what we do here at the Wilkes house on Christmas Eve. As you know we are big on tradition.  We have basically been doing the same thing on Christmas Eve since we have been married – and I did it with my family before that.  That’s a long time. Dinner is always fondue. We do a meat fondue which consists of hot oil ( you can do hot broth also) with  steak, [Continue Reading…]

Merry Christmas 2011 – from our house to yours!


Just wanted to take a moment today to wish you all a Merry Christmas!  I am so grateful for all of you who take time out of your busy days and lives to visit with me here on the blog. I love knowing that you read it and that the blog helps you out now and then. I especially appreciate those of you who take the time to leave a comment to let me know you are there.  A nice comment is just about the best gift you can give [Continue Reading…]

Visit to Santa – 2011

Visit to Santa

Logan arrived home yesterday morning.   The nest is now full.  We all went to pick him up at the airport so we could get our annual family photo with Santa.  If you remember, we have been doing this for 28 years! Yes, I am that crazy mother who was on the front page of The Oregonian who has MADE her children sit on Santa’s lap for the last 28 years.  If you missed that post you can read about it here. It’s actually been kind of fun the last few [Continue Reading…]

Annual Cookie/Candy Making Day – 2011

Annual Cookiei Baking Day

Wednesday was our Annual Cookie/Candy Making Day.  I have been doing this with my mom and girls for years. The last several years we have invited various friends and neighbors to join us and it has become a much anticipated and looked forward to event.  It is a bit trickier to do now that my girls are away at school and we have to wait until they are home but it is still as much fun.  And a big mess too!! Thankfully my sweet friend Dyann showed up and just [Continue Reading…]