His Eye is on the Sparrow Canvas


Have you ever had one of those moments?  You could call it coincidence but you know better. Last month at church a sweet sister got up during a testimony meeting.  One of the ways she expresses herself and her faith is through song.  She sang a beautiful old gospel hymn that I had not heard before called His Eye is on the Sparrow.  It was beautiful and touching. I went home that afternoon and was looking through some blogs in my reader and came across this post over at Red [Continue Reading…]

Bruschetta Chicken

Bruschetta Chicken

Bruschetta Chicken is delicious and a lovely way to enjoy those garden fresh tomatoes! If you are one of the lucky ones that has red tomatoes in their garden you are going to want to give this recipe a try.  I, unfortunately, have no more red tomatoes left.  It was a bad year for tomatoes. Even if you don’t have tomatoes in your garden you are going to want to pick up some tomatoes at the grocery store (I prefer the “on the vine” ones) along with some fresh basil [Continue Reading…]

Large Group Event Table Decor


Decorating the tables for an event in one of our church’s cultural halls is always a bit of a challenge.  The cultural hall is a basically a gymnasium, really nothing cultural about it.  It is a big huge space!  I did my best. Fortunately our Relief Society (the woman’s organization at church) owns some beautiful to the floor gold tablecloths which we used.  They added some nice warmth to the table and room. My sweet husband climbed up in the attic and pulled down all my Fall decor (which is [Continue Reading…]

Large Group Event Menu


The past couple of weeks I have shared a couple of recipes that I was testing out for a large group event we were having at church (approx. 200 women).  I was in charge of choosing the menu – 4 sweet treats and 4 savory treats.  This is the second year I have done the event and I have the best job – testing the recipes.  I then assign each ward (congregation) a recipe and they make it and bring it that night.  Many hands make light work! I promised [Continue Reading…]

Finding 50}Days 253-266


Two weeks of pretty: Last week kind of got away from me and half way through the week I realized I hadn’t taken any pretty pictures.  So, the majority of this week’s photos are from our last minute, impromptu weekend trip to the Oregon Coast. There is no lack of pretty there! Day 253- September 13 We live in an area of Portland called the Sunset Corridor.   Here is why…. Day 254 – September 14 Call me crazy but one place I love to visit when we go to our [Continue Reading…]

YHM}Fashion Find


Today’s post is a new feature I am going to start adding to the blog now and then -YHM}Fashion Find.  YHM stands for Your Homebased Mom of course!  Since we are always in search of the pretty and delicious here on the blog I thought I’d start sharing a few of my pretty clothing or accessory finds. You see, I have a confession to make. I am a shopper. To be more specific I am a clothes horse (do they still use that term.)  I love clothes.  I love everything [Continue Reading…]

White Chocolate Raspberry Bars

white chocolate raspberry bars

Today’s recipe is another part of the menu for the church evening I am coordinating the menu for on Saturday night.  It is a woman’s event and we are having treats afterwards.  Heaven forbid that women get together for anything and there not be food!  The Sour Cream Apple bars are on the menu too. My friend Janette in California emailed me a few weeks ago with some questions about some food she was helping do for a wedding reception.  When she told me what they were serving I asked [Continue Reading…]

Party Guest}Sweet Pea First Birthday

Today I am excited to share with you an amazing first birthday party that one of my blog readers, Jessica put together for her sweet one year old baby.  Jessica is also the daughter in law of a couple at church – a family I love!! The party Jessica put together was amazing.  So much love and care went into it. Jessica  had been told by people told that a first birthday celebration was just for her, since the baby won’t remember.   This may be true but Jessica wanted to… [Continue Reading…]

Childhood Favorites


Do you have some favorite childhood foods or treats that you have fond memories of?  I know I do. A couple of weeks ago I spent a fun weekend in Northern California with my Beach Babe girls.  We were celebrating Shauna’s 50th birthday and we have a great time driving convertibles through the beautiful wine country of California.  During our trip I stumbled across several of those favorite childhood treats that I didn’t know were around anymore.  I was so excited!! We were in a candy shop in Windsor, California [Continue Reading…]