Maple Frosted Cinnamon Rolls

Maple Frosted Cinnamon Rolls

These maple frosted cinnamon rolls are delicious.  The maple flavoring in the frosting makes them even better. The other day I was reading through all the comments from the Pioneer Woman Cookbook giveaway.  I wanted to see which of PW’s recipes were the most popular.  I think the winner had to be Crash Hot Potatoes with Marlboro Man Sandwich a close second. But the other recipe that was mentioned over and over again was the cinnamon rolls.  I had not made them yet so I decided last weekend when Cali [Continue Reading…]

Mother’s Day Giveaway -Art Garden Diva


Mother’s Day is just a little over a week away.  What are you getting your mother for Mother’s Day?  What do you want for Mother’s Day? I’ve got the perfect place for you to do a little shopping – Art Garden Diva etsy shop.  My friend Vickie is the amazing jewelry designer behind Art Garden Diva.  She has a wonderful selection of jewelry right now, many pieces with a lovely vintage feel to them.  Pieces you would find in your grandmother’s jewelry box. In honor of Mother’s Day Vickie is [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Lei

Graduation season is here. Just last week we were in Utah to attend our son Clark’s college graduation. We were outside taking some photos when I spotted something. My kids are now use to me going up to perfect strangers asking to take pictures of their food, their outfit, etc. so it was no surprise when I stopped this new college graduate and asked to take a picture of his lei. He was actually wearing three leis!  A traditional flower lei but then he also had a candy lei and [Continue Reading…]

Who They Were Suppose to Be!

Imagen 120

I think one of the best parts of being a parent is watching your children grow up and become who they were suppose to be! When my children were young I would often wonder – “What will they grow up to be?” We worked hard to give them all kinds of opportunities to explore their talents and to learn new skills.  Wouldn’t it be terrible if one of our children was meant to be an amazing musician and we never let them take music lessons?  What if they were suppose [Continue Reading…]

Whole Wheat and Oatmeal Waffles


Just received a text that Cali is safe and sound in England!   For those of you who know Cali and may want to follow her London adventures she has started a blog.  This is my child who said they would never have a blog!  She gave in!  The blog is still under construction (we are adding some pretty touches of course) but her first post is up.  Check it out here. In my continuing quest to integrate more whole grains into my family’s diet (remember those oatmeal pancakes?) we have [Continue Reading…]

Finding 50}Days 105-111


A crazy whirlwind week – a 25 hour round trip car ride to Utah for graduation, celebration of boys’ birthdays in just four days, got Cali off to London and a neighborhood potluck dinner at our house!  Crazy but oh so fun and there was lots of pretty involved! April 19 – Day 105 I so love this flowering bush in my garden.  It is huge -probably 15 feet high and it looks amazing with all its giant snowball flowers on it!  First they are this lovely shade of green [Continue Reading…]

College Quilts


We are in Utah for the college graduation of son #2, Clark!  Yeah! Two down and two to go. Last year when Logan graduated I decided I wanted to make each of my children a quilt when they graduated from college. It may sound a little sappy but as they ventured out into the big, scary world all by themselves I wanted them to have something that would remind them of their mother.   I thought a nice, warm quilt would be just the thing. I actually forgot to take a [Continue Reading…]

Chorizo Egg Scramble

scramble 2

We love to have breakfast for dinner at our house.  It can be quick and easy and yummy thanks to this Chorizo Egg Scramble. After that week of Eat Cake we were ready for a little more low carb/low glycemic eating at our house! I had a package of chorizo in my freezer that I bought one day.  I had never cooked with chorizo before but had enjoyed it in an egg dish at a restaurant. When time and ideas were short on what to have for dinner last week [Continue Reading…]

Cake Plate Tutorial


Today I am excited to share with you my second video tutorial. This tutorial will show you how you can create your own pretty vintage inspired cake plates.  I’ve been making them for the last year or so and giving them as gifts to girlfriends.  They love them! If you liked that cute rooster cake plate I gave to Pioneer Women be sure and watch the tutorial to find out how to make your own. The glue I use in the tutorial is The Amazing E6000 which I picked up [Continue Reading…]