Georgie Girl Giveaway


What better way to start the week than with a giveaway! Today I am excited to introduce you to the creative duo known as Georgie Girls. The Georgie Girls, better known as Chantelle and Denise, are sisters who live in the mid-Michigan area. They were introduced to me by my friend Andrea – thanks Andrea!! Georgie Girls creates one of a kind items out of recycled sweaters, suit coats and vintage logo wear – how fun is that! Chantelle is a working mother with three daughters and Denise is a [Continue Reading…]

Lemon Crumb Cake

lemon crumb cake

Easter is this next weekend and that means it’s lemon time at our house. I love just about anything lemon! Last year, with your help, I put together a pdf full of Lovely Lemon recipes.  If you haven’t downloaded a copy you can go here to do so. I am always looking for and trying new lemon recipes.  Not too long ago Gayle sent me a recipe for a Lemon Crumb Cake (I love it when my readers share recipes with me – hint, hint) Gayle had found this recipe [Continue Reading…]

Party Guest}Pioneer Party

My friend Sarah is amazing.  Not only is she a talented photographer and an amazing party planner she is also the mother of six, yes I said six, of the most adorable little girls you will ever meet.  And on top of that she home schools them!  I told you she was amazing. Sarah use to be my neighbor until they moved out to the country.  We miss those cute little girls (and Sarah and Chris too). Fortunately I can keep up to date on the whole family through Sarah’s [Continue Reading…]

Finding 50}Days 77-83


This week was Spring Break here in Portland and we enjoyed some beautiful days so I had fun with my camera.  My photography class assignment this week was to take pictures of things that convey emotion and meaning so of course I had to take pictures of pretty things! March 22 – Day 77 My Carol Mackie Daphne started blooming this week.  I wish you could smell it – it is heaven!  It smells as pretty as it looks!  I love getting a whiff of it every time I walk [Continue Reading…]



Migas is a traditional Spanish dish and means “crumbs” because it was traditionally made with leftover bread crumbs.  In this case we use tortilla chips. When my husband is in charge of cooking at our house (which isn’t very often) it is usually some form of eggs or a piece of meat on the grill. His cooking repertoire is fairly limited.One of my favorite dishes he makes is his version of scrambled eggs.  He usually cleans out the refrigerator in the process, using whatever he finds – cheese, green peppers, red peppers, onions, [Continue Reading…]

Oatmeal Pancakes

Oatmeal Pancakes are the perfect way to sneak more whole grains into your diet and they are delicious! @yourhomebasedmom

Oatmeal Pancakes are the perfect way to sneak more whole grains into your diet and they are delicious! In my unending attempts to be a better wife and mother I have been trying to incorporate more whole grains and less of all that white stuff into my family’s diet.  This can be a bit tricky when your family is use to only white flour! This past week my husband and I went to breakfast and I ordered the oatmeal pancakes in my attempts to eat healthier. They were delicious.  As [Continue Reading…]

Bunny Cookie Bark

Bunny Cookie Bark

You’re not surprised are you? You knew I had to do it. I thought my cookie bark days were over but when my neighbor called to let me know there was Easter candy corn at the grocery store I had to do it – I had to make some Bunny Cookie Bark! I actually made two versions of Bunny Cookie Bark. For the first one I used the Golden Double Stuffed Oreos.  I combined that with some Easter M & M’s, vanilla almond bark, pretzels and some green sprinkles. I [Continue Reading…]

Project Week


Today is the first day of our Spring Break. Tessa is headed to Utah to spend the week with her siblings and Jim and I are staying home.  This week we will practice being empty nesters. The whole idea of being an empty nester stresses me out.  I’m not ready.  I’m not old enough! If there are any empty nesters out there reading this, please, tell me it’s going to be o.k.! I have declared this week (actually four days) of being an empty nester as Project Week. I was [Continue Reading…]

Finding 50}Days 70-76


It wasn’t hard finding pretty this week as we are having amazing spring weather here in Portland.  Spring is here! March 15 – Day 70 Have you ever had one of those moments when you notice something and wonder “Was that always there?”  As I pulled out of my cul de sac the other day this yellow fire hydrant caught my eye.  Has it always been there?  (I’m sure it has, we’ve lived in this neighborhood 16 years!  But has it always been yellow?  Probably, but it sure is a [Continue Reading…]