Finding 50}Days 19-25

calendar 2

It was a busy, crazy week around here .  I found I had to make more of an effort each day to find the pretty.  Think you will see a bit of a theme this week – sweet friends and family and pretty flowers. January 25 – Day 19 My pretty kitchen calendar.  I originally found this calendar in a little gift shop in Kennebunkport, Maine one summer.  I fell in love with the beautiful flowers and have been ordering one online every year since.   Check out their website  Art  for Everyday.  [Continue Reading…]

Cowboy Calzone:Ree & Leigh{Anne}


Cowboys may like calzone because they are quick and easy to eat on the run but so do us civilian folk , especially busy civilian folk!! A calzone is like a pizza pocket or turnover.  In Italian it actually means “stocking” or “trouser”.  Not really sure how it resembles a stocking or trouser but oh well! The great thing about calzone is they can be eaten out of hand or with a knife and fork.  They freeze well so they are perfect for a quick snack or lunch for someone. [Continue Reading…]

Style Update


Thanks to all of you who have left comments for Karen and to Karen for her generous offer!  She has loved reading the comments and wishes she could work with each one of you.  She has generously offered to help two people – one local and one virtually!  Thank you Karen.  So we will have two winners!!! Be sure and check out Karen’s blog for a list of what she has to offer!!  If you haven’t entered the giveaway yet click here to do so.

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies

  These raspberry cheesecake brownies are divine. A perfect combination of flavors.So I am still working on perfecting the dessert menu for the women’s event coming up at church in a couple of weeks.  Those yummy Key Lime Bars definitely made the cut.  But I knew I needed at least one or two chocolate based recipes.  What would a church event for women be without chocolate?!? Thanks to Val for sharing this yummy chocolate recipe with me. Let’s just say it made the cut and will be showing up on the [Continue Reading…]

Style by Karen

karen 6

I don’t know about you but just about every January I get that bug – that redo, revamp, reorganizational bug and I always seem to start with my closet!  I’m usually pretty tired of my clothes about this time of year and feeling like I need a little redo myself!   Ever feel like that? Well, lucky for me my friend Karen, a personal stylist, was there to help out!  A personal stylist is someone who helps you look your best.   Karen spends time listening to you and getting to know you, your [Continue Reading…]

Finding 50}Days 12-18


My journey in finding the pretty in turning 50 continues…. This week I had a little help in finding the pretty.  Tessa found our first pretty for the week.  One morning she called me into the laundry room to show me how pretty her dress was with the sunlight streaming through it – she was right! January 18 – Day 12 January 19 – Day 13 A pretty vintage tablecloth on my kitchen table.  Every table deserves a pretty tablecloth! January 20 – Day 14 I always have 2-3 bowls [Continue Reading…]

Beef Enchiladas

beef enchiladas

I think my favorite ethnic food group is Mexican.  It is usually my food of choice when I get to pick where we go out to eat. One of my favorite food memories growing up are the yummy cheese enchiladas my mom made. When I was in college I would save up my food money and treat myself to a cheese enchilada in the BYU Cougareat once a week! And still, when we go out for Mexican food, my choice is always the same – cheese enchiladas! I am not [Continue Reading…]

Key Lime Bars

key lime

I am in charge of the food for yet another women’s event at church. This time we are doing a dessert bar with an assortment of bar cookies.  That means I’ve been trying out a lot of bar cookie recipes lately.  This could add a lot of extra calories to the old caloric intake but I have been pretty good about only eating a couple myself – for research and then giving the rest away!  But I must admit that I ate more than just a couple of the bar [Continue Reading…]

Finding the Pretty} Reusable Shopping Bags


I’ve been trying to be more green lately.  I do live in Oregon after all – the capital of living green! I have to admit one thing I struggle with is remembering to take those reusable shopping bags in with me to the grocery store.  I tried leaving them in the car but I’d get in the store and realize I forgot them and I was just too lazy to go back and get them or it would be pouring down rain and I wasn’t going back out in the [Continue Reading…]