Sugared Bacon

Sugared Bacon is the most popular thing I serve every Christmas at my holiday breakfast!

I think today’s recipe is probably the most popular item I serve at my annual Holiday Breakfast.  It is the thing people will ask if I am serving when they call to RSVP!  I think some of them would not come if I weren’t!! I actually shared this recipe here on the blog two years ago but it was hidden in the middle of a post and had no photo.  This recipe is so good it deserves it’s own post and a photograph! I think the original recipe actually had cinnamon in [Continue Reading…]

Honey Fruit Salad}Holiday Breakfast

fruit salad

Today’s recipe is for the fruit dish I served at my Holiday Breakfast. Last year I served Strawberries and Brown Sugar Cream. This year I decided I would just go to Costco and see what fresh fruit they had and that would decide what I made. Lucky for me they had fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries – and they were yummy!  I picked up a bunch of bananas too. I then got on allrecipes and looked around.  Lucky for me I found a recipe that used all the fruit I [Continue Reading…]

Breakfast with Santa

For many years one of our family’s favorite traditions was having Breakfast with Santa in the beautiful Georgian Room of Meier & Frank in downtown Portland. We would get dressed up in our holiday finery, Beaverton High School would put on a wonderful musical show, Santa would visit each table and we drank lots of yummy hot chocolate! Several years ago Meier & Frank became Macy’s and the Georgian Room and Breakfast with Santa was no more.  A sad day.  Since our kids had gotten too old for this event any way I decided [Continue Reading…]

Holiday Breakfast} Quiche Lorraine

quiche lor lor

The first Saturday of December is my annual Holiday Breakfast.  This breakfast is my Christmas gift to the first line team members of my direct sales business.  A way to thank them and celebrate them.  I love the opportunity to spoil and pamper them a little bit and thank them for their hard work. If you’d like to see how I decorated my table and serving area for the breakfast check it out at Your Homebased Parties. Each year the menu is pretty much the same.   Why mess with a good [Continue Reading…]

Sublime Sensations and Swaddles Bath Aprons Giveaway


Today’s giveaway will be the last one for this year and it’s a double which means two winners!  I am excited to introduce you to two different women and their homebased business.  Both of these business are examples of mother/daughter duos and how they work together and support one another. I discovered Kendra and her yummy Sublime Sensation candles at a boutique I visited a month ago.   It just so happened that I knew her mother too who was helping her that day. Kendra is lucky to have the love and support [Continue Reading…]

Chick ‘n Scratch Jewelry Giveaway Winners


Happy Monday! We have two winners of the beautiful Chick ‘n Scratch Jewelry. #3 – Lisa – the necklace #37  – Vicki – the earrings Congratulations ladies and a big thank you to Traci of Chick’n Scratch Jewelry for her giveaway.  You still have time to do some holiday shopping so be sure and go over and check out her beautiful things! Lisa and Vicki – you will be receiving an email from me requesting your shipping info!

Deck the Halls!


My house has been decorated for a little over a week now for Christmas. O.K., except for the banister. I don’t know what it is about the banister but it is my least favorite part of decorating.  I told Tessa that this year I was just going to skip decorating the banister and she told me her entire Christmas would be ruined if I didn’t decorate the banister.  Guess what I’m doing tomorrow? Yes, decorating the banister. I have seen a lot of Holiday Home Tours going on around the blogosphere [Continue Reading…]

Buttercream Frosting} Christmas Cupcakes


Just a quick post this weekend to show you how to dress up a cupcake for the holidays and to share my go to, always amazing Buttercream Frosting recipe. If you need a fast and easy holiday dessert a Christmas cupcake may be just the thing. I helped a friend out with a church dinner this last week.  They wanted to do cupcakes and wanted to use a cake mix.  I suggested they jazz up the cake mix just a little to give it more of a homemade taste.    They chose [Continue Reading…]

My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Cookies


My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Cookies.  The ones I make every year. Although I always experiment with a few new cookies each holiday season I definitely have my list of favorites, ones I make every year.  The list is getting a little long and today I wanted to share my Top Ten Favorites – in no particular order… I love cookies with something hidden inside – I love that surprise when you bite into it!  Here are two cookies with something fun hidden inside! #1 Snowballs     #2 Snickers [Continue Reading…]