Stay Tuned!


We are home safe and sound from a total of 1,600 miles and 25 hours of driving.  I need a day to unpack and get caught up. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a great giveaway and then let the holiday baking and candy making begin!  I’ll  have some great new recipes to share this week too! One thing that all those miles and and hours in a car allows is alot of reading!    I was able to finish The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski which I enjoyed. All three [Continue Reading…]

I Am Grateful


I could not let this holiday weekend come to an end without a public expression of my gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for. I am grateful for these four beautiful faces and that I have been able to spend the last few days with all of them together! I am grateful for a husband that tells me daily that he loves me and that I am beautiful – even on those days when I am not so lovable or so beautiful. I am grateful for family – [Continue Reading…]

Butter Fudge Fingers

fudge brownies

I have had this recipe sitting, waiting to share with you since August when blog reader Jennie sent it to me. Jennie and I have something in common – we both grew up on Carnation Chocolate Instant Breakfast!  Chocolate for breakfast – yum!! So knowing my love for chocolate and anything with browned butter Jennie shared today’s recipe with me. If you are like the rest of the world you may be doing a little holiday shopping this weekend – how many of you ventured out today on Black Friday??  I think [Continue Reading…]

Winter Spinach Salad

winter salad

By the time you read this I will hopefully have just about finished a 13 hour car ride to Utah.  Please feel sorry for me! Fortunately I have a good book on tape to listen to and hopefully we won’t have hit too much snow.  But it will all be worth it because I get to see my three college kids! (o.k. so one is graduated from college but it’s just easier to say three college kids!) I got off pretty easy this year in the Thanksgiving food preparation department.  [Continue Reading…]

Sausage Cornbread Dressing


Lest you think I am totally ignoring Thanksgiving since there has been no mention of it or any Thanksgiving dinner recipes on the blog so far, I am sharing our family’s all time favorite dressing recipe today! No, I am not ignoring Thanksgiving!  In fact I am SO EXCITED for Thanksgiving!  We are headed out to Utah to spend the holiday with our three college kids and Jim’s family!  Yes, there will be close to 50 Wilkes’ gathered together to celebrate this next week.  Many thanks and blessings to my sister in [Continue Reading…]

Pixel Perfect Boutique Giveaway


I am excited to share another fun giveaway with you. This week’s giveaway is compliments of Karyn from Pixel Perfect Boutique. This etsy shop is full of fun ideas. Karyn designs fun & whimsical personalized invitations, announcements, cards & more for any and all special occasions! She also does custom work. She currently has a great selection of darling Christmas cards you can personalize with your own photo. I especially like this one! I also love the Thanksgiving printable place cards – you just download the file to your computer, add [Continue Reading…]

Cheesy Chicken

cheesy chicken

Today’s recipe is one I got years ago from Julie, a friend from church. She and I were taking dinner into another friend who had just had a baby. Julie fixed Cheesy Chicken because it was our friends favorite dish. I made the salad and dessert.  I was also in charge of delivering the dinner. Now for one of my finer moments…. I pulled into the new mom’s driveway, parked and got out of the car to get the food from the other side of the car where I had [Continue Reading…]

Your Homebased Parties


Today I am excited to invite you to another party – Your Homebased Party! I have always loved a good party.  This may seem strange to some of you but I would really rather put on a party than just go to a party! I love the challenge and process of coming up with an idea or theme and then developing it through food, decorations, games and fun! I have hosted many parties over the years from a small intimate dinner party to a large group event of over 400 people!.  [Continue Reading…]

Buffalo Chicken Dip – Go Blazers!!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

I grew up with a father that watched very little sports, just the occasional golf tournament. I married a man who LOVES sports!  In fact our first date was to a football game. Thanks to my husband, we have raised two boys that also LOVE sports! Having lived the last 27 years in Portland their basketball team of choice is of course the Portland Trailblazers.  My boys love the Blazers.  They have loved them through good years and through bad years. Now that they are in Utah my boys are [Continue Reading…]