My Bright Idea Secret


One of the best ideas I ever had was to start this blog.  It has introduced me to so many amazing wonderful people and it has been a true joy to share part of my life with so many of you! I often get asked where I come up with so many different ideas.  Well, today I am going to share my secret with you…. This secret is the reason I started Homebased Portland, Homebased Scrapbooker  and yes, I have a few other fun exciting ideas up my sleeve that I [Continue Reading…]

Phyllo Wrapped Asparagus

Phyllo Wrapped asparagus

This weekend I helped with a women’s meeting at church. We served refreshments after the meeting and I was in charge of the menu. I wanted a balance of sweet and savory treats and of course it had to look pretty. We went with a fall theme on the tables with pretty gold tablecloths. I pulled out all my fall decor to decorate the tables. (Please excuse the pictures but the lighting is terrible in the church!) I created little name cards for each of the dishes because I am [Continue Reading…]

Family Photos and Lifestyle Photography Giveaway


As promised I am excited to share with you our 2009 family photos. We had a two day window of opportunity to have a family photo taken.  There were two days at the end of August when our whole family would be home together – the only two days all summer!  The joys of  having young adult/college age children! Fortunately for me my friend Meg was available too.  You have seen Meg’s beautiful work here on the blog several times.  She is the one that took the amazing photos of  [Continue Reading…]

Week of the Family Photo Revisted


Today we are going to revisit one of my very first posts – in fact it was my second post on this blog. The post is entitled “The Week of the Family Photo”.  You see we just recently had another “Week of the Family Photo” (I will share those photos with you on Monday along with an AMAZING giveaway opportunity) and I thought it would be fun for you to reread this post. If you have ever had a family photo taken I am sure you will be able to [Continue Reading…]

Penzeys Spice


Today I want to share with you a great find!  Isn’t that what friends do? Several months ago a friend introduced me to Penzeys Spice – thank you Jared! If you can be in love with a bottle of vanilla extract, I am in love! Penzeys carries an amazing line of dried herbs, spices, extracts and seasonings.  The store smells glorious when you walk in.  The selection is so amazing I had a horrible time trying to narrow down my purchases.  I wanted to try everything. Unfortunately, Oregon only has one [Continue Reading…]

Easy Oven Baked BBQ Riblets

Easy Oven Baked BBQ Riblets

These oven baked BBQ riblets are so easy and delicious – the meat just falls off the bone! We had guests for dinner last night. Our guests were two handsome young men in white shirts and ties.  It was hot yesterday so they didn’t have to wear their jackets. I love having these young men for dinner.  It is a way for me to “Pay it Forward”.  To show my gratitude for all the wonderful women who fed my two boys as they served as missionaries in Chile and Argentina. [Continue Reading…]

Blog Book


I love it when someone takes an idea and makes it better whether it be a recipe or some other creative project. In August I shared with you  a cute paper covered notebook  I made for my team members before our annual convention. A few weeks ago I was in one of our neighborhood shops.  The owner, Renee,  is a friend and a reader of this blog.  She shared with me a darling notebook she put together after seeing my paper covered notebook post. She took the idea and made [Continue Reading…]

Fresh Tomato, Sausage, and Pecorino Pasta

Fresh Tomato, sausage and Pecorini Pasta

This fresh tomato, sausage and pecorino pasta comes together quickly and easily for a fresh, delicious dinner. One of my favorite cooking magazines is Cooking Light. When I got an email from them asking me if I’d like to receive a copy of their new, redesigned magazine I was very happy to oblige. Isn’t it pretty!  That pizza looks amazing! One of the great new features of the redesign is that there is a picture with every recipe!  The section of the magazine I like the best, besides all the [Continue Reading…]

Homebased Scrapbooker Now Public!


Great News! My scrapbooking blog , Homebased Scrapbooker,  is no longer private – it is now PUBLIC! You can subscribe via email or via rss feed. Please join me on my journey to album completion – one scrapbook page at a time! Look forward to more frequent updates, ideas and new product videos on Homebased Scrapbooker! I am making great progress on my scrapbooking projects and look forward to sharing more updates on them with you and great scrapbooking tips and ideas! I will also be sharing some great Christmas gift ideas [Continue Reading…]