Brown Sugar Cupcakes

Brown Sugar Cupcakes

Brown Sugar Cupcakes combine brown sugar and browned butter for an amazing taste! Today’s cupcake post is the last one for a while. I promised Cali I wouldn’t make any more cupcakes the rest of the summer. Well, we’ll see. I have several more recipes in my files that some of you have given me as well as a few other friends and I am anxious to try them. Today’s recipe is for Brown Sugar Cupcakes. This recipe came from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes. While it certainly wasn’t the prettiest cupcake [Continue Reading…]

Lovely Lime Cupcakes

Lovely Lime Cupcakes

These Lime Cupcakes have the same yummy lime flavor as a margarita without the alcohol! Today’s wedding cupcake was actually a last minute addition to the lineup. I thought I had the cupcake menu figured out when I went into my reader last week and found a recipe for Margarita Cupcakes over at Good Things Catered. I am a sucker for anything citrus so I knew I had to try them.  Their test run proved to be highly successful and they made the final cut! My only concern with them [Continue Reading…]

The Wedding

flowers wedding

You have heard me talk a lot about “the wedding” in the last few weeks as I have experimented with and shared with you different cupcake recipes.  The wedding was for the son of a good friend of mine.  Her son is also a good buddy of my son Clark – they played Lacrosse together in high school, roomed together their freshman year of college and played college Lacrosse together.  I figured helping with the wedding was good practice for the day that one of my children eventually gets married! Here [Continue Reading…]

Pretty Bad Day Made Better – Banana Cupcakes

banana cupcake

I don’t like bananas.  It’s a texture thing for me.  I do like banana flavored things and banana in things like banana bread, banana bars – just no straight bananas! When I was putting the cupcake menu together for the wedding I came across a recipe for banana cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting over at Genesis of a Cook. To be honest it was the cinnamon cream cheese frosting that caught my attention – yum! Because my house is being over run with cupcakes I am giving as many [Continue Reading…]

In My Pretty Garden

purple flower

Today’s pretty post is full of pictures of what is blooming in my mid-summer garden right now. This time of year is always a bit of a lull. There are a few roses but most of them are getting ready for their second flush. The fall asters aren’t blooming yet but there was still plenty of pretty to see! The hydrangeas are looking pretty marvelous. The coneflowers are in all their glory! The early asters are starting to bloom. And then there are the butterfly bushes – one of my [Continue Reading…]

Pretty Enough to Eat – Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes


Although taste is the most important thing when it comes to food, it sure doesn’t hurt if the food is pretty too!  And with a cupcake, pretty is pretty important in my book. Today’s cupcake is both – yummy and pretty!  As you know I have been busy experimenting with lots of different cupcake recipes. In fact, in the last week and a half I have made over 16 dozen cupcakes!  Now that’s a lot of cupcakes. Don’t worry I have only eaten one of each kind – such self [Continue Reading…]

Pretty Things at the Barn House


Today is my second post about pretty. I love it when I walk into a store, usually a small boutique, and it takes my breath away.  Each way I turn there is pretty, pretty, pretty. This weekend my girls and I had that experience except it was an outdoor boutique – actually a flea market.  My girls and I left the house at 7:15 a.m. Saturday morning.  Now that is quite a sacrifice for two teenage girls but they knew it was worth it. We arrived at the Barn House up [Continue Reading…]

Pretty in Pink Party


As I was planning out my blog posts for this week I noticed a common theme.  Pretty.  Each one of the posts was about pretty things.  I  love pretty. I love to surround myself with pretty things. I love to make pretty things. I love to eat pretty things out of pretty dishes. I like to wear pretty clothes. I love finding the pretty in life. My philosophy in life is, if you must surround yourself with things, why not make them pretty! So this week will be a Week of Pretty! [Continue Reading…]

Perfect Lemon Cupcakes

The perfect lemon cupcake - perfection in every way!

We are going a little cupcake crazy at our house. After the fun cupcake capers Logan and I had together on his last visit home I decided to try out some new cupcake recipes. I am helping a friend with her son’s wedding reception next week and they wanted to have a cupcake bar.  She has put me in charge of selecting and planning the cupcake menu.  I have also been helping with the decorations too and can’t wait to show you what we have planned! Back to the cupcakes – [Continue Reading…]