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We are headed out for our annual Week at the Beach. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Our family is able to get away from our “normal” life and just relax at our beach house in Manzanita on the beautiful Oregon Coast.  Logan is flying home to join us. Clark  is still backpacking through Europe having the time of his life so he won’t be there.  He is having some amazing experiences though – check out his Polish Miracle!  He has promised some pictures of the food [Continue Reading…]

Herbed Pasta

Herbed Pasta

For our anniversary this year I gave Jim a cookbook.  Not a very romantic gift for a 28th wedding anniversary but I had my reasons! For the last couple of years I have been telling Jim that I would cook for the first 30 years of our marriage and he was in charge of cooking the second thirty years!  I don’t think he believes me! You see Jim doesn’t cook.  He would say he cooks but throwing a piece of meat on the grill really isn’t cooking.  He does make a [Continue Reading…]

Flatbread with Fresh Herbs

Cheesy Flatbread with Fresh Herbs

One of my favorite ways to use herbs is in bread.  Not only does this Cheesy Flatbread with Fresh Herbs taste yummy but it smells heavenly as it is baking!   Last week at the herb class I taught at my home I shared a couple of different breads made with herbs. The first one was the No Knead Bread I have shared here on the blog before.  The only thing you need to turn it into Herb No Knead Bread is 1 Tbsp of chopped fresh herbs.  I think I [Continue Reading…]

Cooking with Herbs


A few weeks ago I taught a class for a group of women from church on cooking with herbs. It was a fun class to prepare for and I learned a few new things myself. This week I will share with you some of the tips on cooking with herbs as well as a few quick and easy herb recipes that I shared at the class. Growing herbs is easy – all you need is a nice sunny location. This can be a garden bed, a pot on your patio [Continue Reading…]

Back from Camp and Giveaway Opportunity


I am back from Girl’s Camp and trying to catch up on my sleep. The adult women really roughed it in our enclosed cabins with showers and toilets and then there were those three meals a day prepared by a full kitchen staff! We had a great time – lots of fun! If you are interested, I have posted some fun pictures of what my daughter and her friend did for the girls they were counselors over – you can check it out on our family blog. Also be sure and [Continue Reading…]

Pizza Hut Pan Pizza

pizza hut

Years ago we went to Disney World. We got into town late and we were starving. The first restaurant we found near our hotel that was open was Pizza Hut. We ordered one of their deep dish pan pizzas. I remember it being the most delicious thing I had ever eaten – it could have been that I was ABSOLUTELY STARVING and anything would have tasted good but ever since then I have had an affection for their pan pizza. Our family favorite is pepperoni and black olive! When I [Continue Reading…]

Cupcake Capers in Portland

cupcake capers

Last week Logan was home for a visit. He is my “foodie” child – he loves food! In fact while he was home he was so sweet, he said to me, “Mom, you will go to heaven for your cooking alone!” I love that boy! While he was home we went on a field trip together. We had a cupcake caper! We decided to check out and taste test cupcakes from three of Portland’s cupcake bakeries. We headed down to NW Portland to Saint Cupcake. We bought 5 different types [Continue Reading…]

The Best Baked Beans

The Best Baked Beans Ever - everyone loves them.

These truly are the best baked beans.  They are one of my most requested recipes at our neighborhood potlucks! As promised I am sharing my baked bean recipe that we served with our early Father’s Day dinner last week. This recipe came from my husband’s Aunt Dawn and has been a family favorite. One of the tricks of wonderful baked beans is baking them for a long time.  These beans bake for 3 hours so be sure and plan ahead. Baked beans are a frequent menu item at our house [Continue Reading…]

Rose Festival


This past weekend was Rose Festival weekend here in Portland, Oregon.  Portland has the second largest floral parade in the country. There is a reason why the Rose Festival is held the first part of June  – our roses are crazy beautiful right now! I thought I would show you the Rose Festival that is going on in my own backyard.  Enjoy! This is what I see from my office window. With the few weeks of sun we had the roses are going crazy! And look what’s happening along my [Continue Reading…]