My Own Field of Poppies


Do you remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy is running through a beautiful field of poppies with the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow? I always loved that scene, mainly because of the flowers.  Even though the poppies have had a spell put on them by the Wicked Witch so that Dorothy falls asleep, they are still beautiful!  Glenda saves the day with a little snowfall! I love this time of the year in my garden because I have my own field of poppies! My favorite spring [Continue Reading…]

Quick Cheese Bread

cheese bread

One of the things on my summer “To Do” list to to teach my girls to make whole wheat yeast bread.  But today when the Cali and two of her friends wanted to do some cooking we needed something a little easier and quicker. A few weeks ago I had made some yummy cheese bread I found over at  My Kitchen Cafe. I thought it would be the perfect recipe for them to try. Yes, I know, I already shared a cheese bread recipe this week – Black Angus Garlic Cheese [Continue Reading…]

Black Angus Garlic Cheese Bread

garlic bread

I  love bread.  I adore bread and cheese.  I crave bread, cheese and garlic. They say “Man can not live by bread alone” but I bet if you added some cheese and garlic to it you could! I am always looking  for a new way to combine bread, cheese and garlic.  (Remember that Garlic Cheese {Brie} Bread?)  Today’s recipe is a copycat recipe from the Black Angus restaurant.  I have never actually eaten at a Black Angus  or had the real Black Angus Garlic Cheese Bread but when I ran across [Continue Reading…]

Farmer’s Market


We are enjoying an incredibly beautiful weekend in Portland Blue skies, no rain and nice warm temperatures.  Perfect!  Days like today are the reason we endure all the rain and dreary days – for perfect days like today! Since the kids had no school Friday and Monday is a holiday we are enjoying a nice long weekend and we are trying to pack as much fun and good food into it as we can. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to spend Saturday mornings at [Continue Reading…]

Chewy Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies @

These whole wheat chocolate chip cookies have a great chewy texture thanks to the whole wheat. One of my favorite jobs as a mom is making chocolate chip cookies.  I feel like a good mom when I make chocolate chip cookies. Don’t we all need to feel like good moms now and then, especially when we have teenagers? Maybe it comes from watching too much  June Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver as a child but having a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for my kids when they come [Continue Reading…]

Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak

Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak is easy and inexpensive to make

Marinade the meat for as long as possible for a delicious grilled marinated skirt steak As promised in my last post I have another yummy recipe from Emeril at the Grill: A Cookbook for All Seasons to share with you.  I have dozens more marked to try.  I recommend though if you don’t win the  giveaway you definitely go out and buy your own copy!  A perfect Father’s Day gift! Speaking of the giveaway, if you haven’t entered yet – do so now! You want this cookbook! Last week I shared Grilled [Continue Reading…]

Cookbook Giveaway


**********Comments are now closed*********** Congratulations to #99 LaTanya who has won herself a copy of Emeril’s new cookbook!  Wonder what she’ll grill first! Send me your mailing information LaTanya and the publisher will get the book mailed right out to you! Several weeks ago I shared a recipe from a new cookbook  Emeril at the Grill: A Cookbook for All Seasons.  We loved his Grilled Marinated Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce.   The publisher had sent me a copy of the cookbook to preview and share a few of the recipes here [Continue Reading…]

College Cooking – Hawaiian Haystack

hawaian haystacks

We had our third college cooking lesson this week.  I decided Cali needed to learn to fix her favorite meal – Hawaiian Haystack. I think this dish is pretty much a staple for a lot of families.  Some of you may call it Mexican Haystack or just Haystacks.  I’ve heard it called all kinds of things. I think this recipe came from one of the very first cookbooks I got when I was married – Make a Mix. Whenever Cali gets to pick what we have for dinner her choice is [Continue Reading…]

Puff Up Pancake

puff up pancake

Last week I shared my college daughter’s first cooking lesson – Salsa Verde Carnitas Today is cooking lesson two – Breakfast for Dinner.  Doesn’t everyone need to know how to cook breakfast for dinner? Puff Up Pancake is a standard at our house.  If dad fixes breakfast – the majority of time it is Puff Up Pancake.  If dad fixes dinner – the majority of time it is Puff Up Pancake.  His cooking repertoire is a little limited! Every once in a while dear old dad tries to get a little creative [Continue Reading…]