No Knead Bread

no knead

Last weekend we had our belated “Beach Babes and their Boys” Valentine Dinner.  This has been a tradition for my Beach Babe group for years! It is the one time of year we let our husbands in on some of our fun! Shauna and Merrill are always our delightful hosts for the evening. As usual, the table was beautiful! And the food was delicious! We started out with these amazing grilled artichokes!  Not only were they delicious they were beautiful too! The main course was a medley of grilled vegetables – parsnips, [Continue Reading…]

My “Go To” Salad Dressing – Balsamic Vinaigrette


Everyone needs one – a yummy, basic and easy to make homemade salad dressing. For years I bought my salad dressing but once I started making homemade salad dressing I rarely buy it anymore! We eat salad with dinner every-night, usually a spinach salad.  We have the rule at our house that there must always be something green on your plate.  Sometimes it is only one or two green beans or a couple of leaves of lettuce for some of the kids (Clark!) but there must be some green! Today’s recipe [Continue Reading…]

2008 Book List


At the beginning of the year I shared with you that one of my 2008 goals had been to read 100 books in 2008.  A rather lofty goal as in 2007 I had only read 28. As you know, I didn’t make my 2008 goal but I did read 31.  I have revamped my goal for 2009 to 50 books.  Hopefully a little more doable but still a push! I figured I would need to read at least 4 books a month with a couple of extra thrown in somewhere.  [Continue Reading…]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

chocolate chip

It looks like my rebuilt laptop will be returning home from the computer hospital soon!  In the mean time I am taking advantage of the intermittent Internet connection I get on my old, tired desktop to get a post up! My favorite dessert of all times is a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!  Some restaurants call it a Pizookie.  I first had one years ago with some girlfriends in Laguna Beach and have never forgotten the life changing experience. Today’s recipe is [Continue Reading…]

Banner Giveaway Winner


I apologize for the delay in announcing the winner of our Banner Giveaway but we’ve been invaded! Sunday evening I selected the winner, copied the picture of the winning number, copied the winner’s comment and then somehow a Trojan virus invaded my laptop! Fortunately I have a wonderful computer guy that I called immediately and he had me bring it right over.  I was hoping it was an easy fix and I’d have my computer right back along with all the pictures I needed to post the winner but unfortunately that [Continue Reading…]

Dream Board Tutorial

dream boards

Last week I had a fun activity with some members of my homebased business team.  We put together Dream Boards. When I visited cold Minnesota in January my friend Susan took me through a dream board exercise and I created one of my own.  In the past,  I have shared with you the 3 dream boards I have in my office. Dream boarding is a concept I have done for years.  A Dream Board  creates a vision and picture of what you want your life to be – what you want to create [Continue Reading…]

Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Chocolate Dipped OReos

  This is the final Sweet Treat recipe this week – hopefully you have found something amongst all this week’s recipes to make for all the Valentines in your life! I didn’t start out making chocolate dipped Oreos. My original plan was to share these yummy looking and sounding “Passion Pops” that were featured in the February issue of Ladies Home Journal.   Friend and fellow blogger April had sent me a picture of them and the instructions.  A dollop of caramel sandwiched between two Vanilla Wafers and then dipped in chocolate.  [Continue Reading…]

Mother Goose Popcorn

popcorn 2

For Valentine’s Week I’ve got yet another quick and easy Sweet Treat for you! If the Oreo Truffles or the Crispy Chocolate Cherry Treats or the Spiced Nuts didn’t do it for you maybe the pink Mother Goose Popcorn will be just the perfect gift for your Valentine! I love popcorn!  I love it butter and salted, I love caramel corn, I love it with white chocolate and even with peanut butter mixed in and I love Mother Goose Popcorn! Mother Goose Popcorn is a sweet popcorn.  I have no idea why it is [Continue Reading…]

Sweet Treats – Spiced Nuts

spiced nuts

Today’s Sweet Treat is usually one of those treats people make at the  Christmas holidays but it makes a great Valentine treat too.  Especially if you know someone who doesn’t care for chocolate (hard to imagine!) Spiced nuts are quick and easy to make and you feel like you are almost eating something healthy!  At least it’s not pure sugar. My friend Sherra’s husband is the spiced nut maker at their house and this is his recipe – thanks PhilBillPaul!   His recipe calls for almonds but I used pecans instead.  Since PhilBillPaul and Sherra are [Continue Reading…]