Ice Cream Pie

ice cream pie

I’m spending today getting ready for our annual Soup’s On New Year’s Eve Party.  I’ve lost count of how many years we have been doing it. I cook up 3-4 big pots of soup, a few appetizers and desserts.  Our guests also bring an appetizer or dessert to share so there is always LOTS of food!   I’ll share more details on the food on Friday. I love starting the new year with good friends, good food and some fun! Some friends just stop in for a bowl of soup and then [Continue Reading…]

Snowed In – Cinnamon Ice Cream

cinnamon ice cream

After 12 straight days of snow I think we have finally thawed out.  I have lived in Portland for 26 years and never remember having snow for this long! Well, when you are stuck in the house because of snow and ice what is the first food that comes to mind?  Hot chocolate, homemade soup, cinnamon rolls??? Last week at our house it was ice cream!  Yes, ice cream.  When I announced I was making ice cream for dessert Cali’s reply was “It’s too cold!”  Logan’s reply was “It’s never too [Continue Reading…]

Family Photo Shoot

photo shoot

Over the Thanksgiving break we had a family photo taken. Having a family photo taken is a lot of work!  Picking out what everyone is going to wear and making sure it all works together, making sure everyone has a good haircut, finding a time when everyone is available, including the photographer, and then in our case this year – dealing with the weather.  A dense fog decided to move in the morning we were to have our outdoor picture taken.  Fortunately our great photographer found a pocket of sunshine! [Continue Reading…]

Deck the Halls with Joy!


Do you have a favorite word? A word that just speaks to your heart, a word that motivates and inspires you?  A word that just seems to pop up every time you turn around? That word for me is Joy – it’s not an unusual word this time of year.  In fact, last year I added this to my holiday decorating…. I decided that Joy was not just for Christmas but it was something I needed to remember and focus on all year long so I left it on the [Continue Reading…]

Visits with Santa – a Family Tradition

santa 3

Back in 1985 a tradition was born. In Portland, if you want to see the “real” Santa, you go to Santaland at Meier & Frank (now Macy’s). So of course when we took our first baby to see Santa, off to Santaland we went.  As a six month old Logan thought nothing of the funny, jolly old man and happily let Santa hold him for a perfect photo moment. Well, it was a different story the next year  Our cute little 18 month old didn’t think that funny, jolly old man was [Continue Reading…]

Breakfast With Santa and Buttermilk Pancakes

BUttermilk Pancakes

When my children were younger one of our favorite holiday traditions was to have Breakfast with Santa downtown at Meier & Frank each year.  We probably did it for 10 years or so.  It was fun to get dressed, eat breakfast in the beautiful Georgian Room, enjoy the entertainment and of course see Santa. Sadly, my children have all outgrown the experience and the Georgian Room is gone but we decided our neighbor children hadn’t outgrown it so we started our own Breakfast with Santa at our house.  For the last [Continue Reading…]

Winter Wonderland and Cookie Baking Time!

snow cup

We are having some unusual weather here in Portland – snow!  A few days of snow once every couple of years is normal for Portland – not 7 straight days of snow!  For the second Sunday in a row church has been cancelled. As a result, our backyard has turned into a Winter Wonderland and we have had lots of time for baking!  I thought I’d share a few pictures of the magic all the snow has created in our backyard and what we’ve been up to in the kitchen. [Continue Reading…]

White Chocolate Dipped Gingersnaps

Ginger cookies

One of my favorite holiday traditions each year is my Beach Babe  Holiday Tea and Book Exchange.  I’ve lost track of how many years we have been having holiday tea together but each year we gather at a local tea house or one of our homes to enjoy an afternoon together.  It is a break from the craziness of the season.  There is nothing better than taking time to be with good friends and enjoy good food!  We also each bring one of our favorite books that we have read over [Continue Reading…]