I am Thankful….


I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family or friends. I just wanted to take a quick moment in between all the cooking and fun to share a few things I am thankful for today.  I won’t bore you with the whole long list but just a few: I am thankful that I get to set at least 6 plates at my dinner table all this week (more on the nights we have friends or other family over!) I am thankful that all 6 members of my [Continue Reading…]

Pumpkin Pie Shakes

pumpkin pie shake

Note: You still have time to enter this weeks Handmade Giveaway .  Also, check out the great Happiness interview over at my other blog, iLashGirls and enter to win a free coaching session! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to coach with Susan – you are going to love her! A month or so ago I was reading some of my favorite food blogs and I came across a post on Fashionably Foodie– one of my favorite blogs and saw that Rachelle had posted a recipe for Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes.  [Continue Reading…]

Buy Handmade – J. Bee Designs Cookie Plate and Apron Giveaway


Please note:  April of Zinny Lou Totes who sponsored last week’s giveaway has graciously offered a $5.00 discount off each tote ordered between now and Christmas!  Thank you April! This week we have our third Buy Handmade Giveaway! Jennie from J. Bee Designs is sponsoring this week’s giveaway with one of her darling handpainted holiday plates.  Perfect for those holiday cookies you will be baking soon!  Be sure and check out Jennie’s website and her darling handpainted glassware! I decided I wanted to get in on the giveaway fun too [Continue Reading…]

Candy Corn Blessings

candy corn

We are on a countdown at our house – only 5 more days until the college kids come home.  Tessa has been keeping track with a countdown on the message board! I received a cute email from Cali the other day.  She can’t wait to be home where she can sleep in her own bed, doesn’t have to lock her door, doesn’t have to wear shoes in the shower and gets to eat my food!  I can’t wait either. I have been busy getting the house ready (still need to dig out the boys [Continue Reading…]

Pumpkin Cheesecake

pumpkin cake

  I have never been a pumpkin fan.  At least I thought I wasn’t.  There is something about the texture of a pumpkin pie that just turns me off.  But last year when my son introduced  me to the Pumpkin Spice Steamer at Starbucks I realized that maybe the flavor of pumpkin wasn’t as bad as I thought So this fall I decided I needed to learn to embrace pumpkin.  My first step in venturing into the world of pumpkin was to try my friend Sherra’s pumpkin bars  – a  recipe she shared on her [Continue Reading…]

Cranberry Brie Pizza

Cranberry Brie Pizza

Appetizers are my favorite part of a meal and this Cranberry Brie Pizza is at the top of the list. Many times it is an overlooked part of a meal but I love to fix a couple of really good appetizers to have for people to snack on while dinner is finishing up.  It also helps keep the masses under control if dinner is delayed at all! For Thanksgiving Dinner I will be fixing my stand by appetizer – Roasted Garlic and Artichoke Dip   I love this dip and [Continue Reading…]

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu


Today I am sharing our Thanksgiving Menu . Isn’t it amazing how much time, effort and expense goes into one meal!!! The best part of Thanksgiving Dinner this year is that all my children will be home to enjoy it with us!!! Like many of you I have been planning our menu for a while now.  I think it’s about finalized  and I will be posting some of the recipes in the next couple of days so be sure and check back!!  My friend Marsha and my mom are helping out [Continue Reading…]

Buy Handmade – Zinney Lou Tote Giveaway

zinney lou

I am excited to share with you another Buy Handmade Giveaway this week.  Today we are giving away one of my favorite accessories – a purse/bag/tote!! I’ve got some great “purse stories” to tell too – there was the adventure down a dark alley and basement off of Canal Street in New York as well as the LA flea market where the vendors wouldn’t show us the “good” stuff because they thought our husbands were undercover police officers!! ( It was the sunglasses, khaki pants and polo shirts!) These totes are darling [Continue Reading…]

Ideas Needed – Hostess Gifts

hostess ideas

Photo by fazen Tis the season…those invitations start to arrive, visits to relatives for holiday dinners and parties. Being one to never want to arrive any where empty handed I like to take a hostess gift – a small token of my appreciation to the hostess for all the work and effort I KNOW goes into a party. Several weeks ago my friend Linda emailed me.  Her son who is off at his first year of college is not coming home for Thanksgiving.  She has dealt with the disappointment and would [Continue Reading…]