Ideas Needed – Halloween Costume Prize Ideas


One of my readers, Kathy, emailed me this morning with a question and I thought some of you may have some great ideas for her! She is in charge of costume prizes for a young adult Halloween party for a church group and needs ideas One idea she had was to get a can of cheese and give the award for the “Cheesiest Costume” – I thought that was darling. I suggested she visit the candy aisle at the store and get inspired. How about… Mars Bar – the most [Continue Reading…]

Trick or Treat – Taco Soup

taco soup

Halloween can turn into a crazy day.  Between parties at school, after school activities and kids being anxious to get out trick or treating it can be hard to squeeze eating dinner in there somewhere, let alone actually fixing dinner. Since the whole day is basically a candy fest it is nice to get something a little more nutritional in their stomachs – like dinner! We have a tradition of serving homemade soup and bread for dinner on Halloween.  You may think that homemade soup and bread are not quick [Continue Reading…]

Trick or Treat – Top Tips for Making Caramel Apples

caramel apples

Last week for a youth activity at church we made caramel apples.  That was the first time I had made caramel apples in 12 years. You see the last time I made caramel apples – this is what happened…. Yes – my sweet, then 7 year old daughter bit into one of the caramel apples and it ripped a tooth right out of her mouth.  The tooth was not even loose!  Yikes! I am not sure what recipe I used but I think I threw it away right then and there.  [Continue Reading…]

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats


These candey corn rice krispie treats are as fun to make as they are to eat.If you’ve been reading my blog for long you know that I LOVE candy corn.  I go through bags of it each Halloween season.  I think it is just about the cutest candy there is – can candy be cute? So not only do I love candy corn but I love anything candy corn shaped.  While I was thinking of treats to fill the College Kid Care Package I knew that Rice Krispie treats are always a [Continue Reading…]

Halloween College Care Package

halloween bucket

I sent off another college care package yesterday.  Warning:  If any of my college kids are reading this post and you don’t want your surprise ruined – DO NOT continue reading! Even though I am actually going to be in Utah for Halloween with the college kids I thought they might enjoy a little Halloween treat before. I had so much fun putting this care package together and it turned out so cute I almost kept it for myself! I purchased empty paint cans at the craft store but I am [Continue Reading…]

We got Spooked!


Our neighborhood has a fun tradition of “spooking” each other during the month of October.  I am not sure who starts it but I’m glad they do.  This year, since we only had one teenager left at home, I was afraid we would get left out of the “spooking” but thankfully we didn’t! I love it each October when my doorbell rings and when I answer there is no one there except a fun Halloween surprise!  The idea is that after you are spooked you put together a Halloween surprise and [Continue Reading…]

Shredded Beef Tacos

Shredded Beef Tacos

I often get requests for recipes that are good to serve to a crowd (maybe it’s all that cooking I’ve done for various church functions).  Two of my favorite recipes to recommend are ones I have featured here on the blog – Cafe Rio Pork and Costa Vida Chicken. They both make a lot and they can both be done in the crock-pot which makes things easy.  I have been searching for a 3rd recipe to round off this group – a beef taco recipe that could also be done in the crock-pot.  [Continue Reading…]

“Because I Am Short”


Twice a year we measure our children to see how much they have grown.  We do this the first of January and then when school starts. This year we forgot to measure Tessa when school started.  I guess it is just having one child at home that makes you forget things like that. Jim got out “the board”. “The Board” was my husband’s brilliant idea!  Twenty years ago, when Logan was 4 and Clark was 2 we decided to measure the boys.  Instead of doing it on the inside of [Continue Reading…]

Easy Apple Pie

An Easy Apple Pie with no pastry crust!

This easy apple pie is delicious but the best part is there is no pastry crust and it’s delicious! An updated version of this post can be found here. I hope you don’t mind but I have yet another amazing apple recipe.  It’s apple season after all! Last weekend we went to Portland Nursery’s annual Apple Festival.  It was a perfect Fall day and we had a great time tasting the dozens of different varieties of apples.  A few of our favorites were Ambrosia,  Cameo, Elstar and  Smoothie Golden.  The [Continue Reading…]