Top Tips for Visiting Your Children at College


I’m tired and happy! I spent the last 3 days in Utah visiting my 3 college children.  I had so much fun and I think they enjoyed my visit too – did you guys??!!  But I came home tired and ready to go back to my boring life where you go to bed before the next morning!  There is a reason you have babies when you are young and a reason you go to college when you are young – it takes a lot of energy and you don’t get [Continue Reading…]

Asian BBQ Chicken

Asian BBQ CHicken - so easy. Just marinade a few hours and then grill.

This BBQ Chicken has a fun Asian flavor to it. I love using chicken thighs but you could use chicken breasts too. One of my goals for  meal planning each week is to try at least one new recipe. I keep a small file box with folders labeled with different categories – salads, main dish/beef, main dish/chicken, side dishes, desserts etc.  When I find a recipe in a magazine, newspaper, on a blog, or a friend shares one with me it goes into this file until I have a chance [Continue Reading…]

Things That Work Notebook


I know for some of you the thought of decorating for Christmas can bring on enough stress and anxiety all on its own without the thought of decorating for a holiday like Halloween!  I must admit as much as I enjoy holiday decorating it can be  just “one more thing” to add to the already long list during a busy holiday season. Years ago, eleven years to be exact, I found a trick that has help to take a lot of the stress and anxiety out of my holiday decorating and planning.  In fact, it has made [Continue Reading…]

Get in on the Giveaway


Just wanted to give you a heads up – if you are not a subscriber to the other blog I share with my friend Sherra go over there quick and check it out! We are having a great giveaway.  A beautiful set of friendship cards that was donated by artist Brian Andreas.  I highlighted his work on this post.   Sherra and I are both big fans of his and are so excited that he is sharing his work with us! Let your friends know about it too – who knows maybe they will [Continue Reading…]

La Rentree- Welcome Fall!


I think Fall has arrived here in Portland, Oregon.  As much as I was enjoying our Indian Summer I think I am ready.  The leaves are beginning to turn colors on the maple tree in the front yard, the mornings and evenings are cool and the rains have returned.  Welcome Fall! In France they have an official term for the return of Fall, it is La Rentree.  They use this term to welcome September and the school year.  It has been described as a national mood, a surge of awakening, [Continue Reading…]

Book Club Ideas


It is my turn to choose the book for our book club to read.  Since you were all such great help with ideas for my meal planning class I thought I’d ask for your help on this one too. I’d love to hear what you or your book club has been reading lately!  Any suggestions for me?  Just leave a comment below and let me know. My book club is made up of ladies from church so we like to keep the books free from bad language and not too [Continue Reading…]

Look what I made!

apron apron

Yesterday, after a couple of stressful days and way too much time on the phone and in front of the computer, I decided I needed a little fun.  I needed a little bonding time with my sewing machine. Now I realize that for many of you, sewing and fun don’t usually go in the same sentence, but for me they do!  (Remember I’m the one with a degree in Clothing & Textiles!) My friend and team member, Cathy, has a son getting married in a couple of weeks.   Cathy asked me if I would [Continue Reading…]

Check This Out!


This week I was featured over at Polka Dot Mom.  A darling blog that features all things polka dot!!  Be sure and click on over and see the sweet post that Sally wrote about me and menu planning.  Thanks Sally!!

Menu Planning or “Help! What’s for Dinner?!” Part Two

wilkes weekly

I think the thing I hate most about cooking dinner every night is deciding what to cook!  Don’t you agree? My Menu Planning Tool #2 is what helps make the decision easier –  The Wilkes Family Favorites List.  (See yesterday’s post for Tool #1) Night after night of having to make the decision of what we are going to eat gets old after 27 years!  With the help of my family I have put together a list of our families favorite meals.  I divided them into categories such as beef, [Continue Reading…]