At My Front Door….


I just had to share… If you were to stop by my house this is what would greet you at my front door… Isn’t this crazy, out of control clemetis ‘jackmanii’  incredible!!   I think it likes it there.  It has totally taken over the rose that is underneath it. Wish you could all stop by and see it in person.  Enjoy the photo!

Blackberry Pie Bars

Blackberry Pie Bars

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning during the summer is to go the local Farmer’s Market. We are fortunate to live within 20-30 minutes of  half a dozen different markets.  My favorite is the Beaverton Farmer’s Market.    As well as having a wonderful assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers it is a visual feast .  The colors are amazing. I got a little carried away taking pictures this last Saturday and had to share a few with you. I did more than just take pictures.  [Continue Reading…]

I’ve Been Tagged!


I’ve been tagged by one of my new blogging friends – Melissa from  It’s Melissa Kitchen.  I get to answer these fun questions she sent…. 1.  Last Movie I Saw in A Movie Theater?  Mama Mia this past week.  Sappy and silly but I loved it – I wanted to stand up and dance but my daughter wouldn’t let me so I just had to sway and sing along!  2.  What Book Are You Reading?  I usually have 3 books going at once – right now it is “These is My Words” [Continue Reading…]

Skirt Steak Tacos

skirt steak tacos

One of my favorite cuts of meat is skirt steak.  I like it for a couple of reasons – it’s inexpensive and  it cooks up fast on the barbecue. It is not a very tender cut of meat so it definitely needs a little help from a marinade – the longer you can marinade it for the better.  The ideal is to marinade for 24 hours but that would require remembering to do it and planning ahead – I usually do it  3-4 hours ahead.  The meat is definitely more tender the longer it marinades. [Continue Reading…]

Smoked Salmon Spread – Barefoot Bloggers

smoked salmon

This is my second recipe as part of the Barefoot Blogger group.  One more recipe down towards my goal of cooking my way through the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks. I have to perfectly honest  – I did not want to make this dish.  In fact I was considering using one of my “free passes” and skipping this one.  I am not a seafood lover and I hate salmon.  Yes, a girl living in the Northwest that does not like salmon – such a waste! I have some smell issues when it [Continue Reading…]

My Favorite Beach Read


Thanks to those of you who have been waiting patiently.  Several weeks ago I shared in my Summer Reads  post that there is a book I love so much that I reread it each year during our Week at the Beach.  So for those of you who have been anxiously waiting, here it is – One of my all time favorite books is…. Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Anne was the wife of famous pilot Charles Lindbergh and the mother of 5 children. I love how she describes her life, [Continue Reading…]

Pasta with Pesto and Sun Dried Tomatoes


One of my favorite things to do in all my “free time” is browse food blogs.  You can get quite lost out there in food blog land as you click from one link to another.  One night I stumbled across a new blog, Creating Post It Notes.   I’m not sure how I got there but I copied off this recipe to try out. Jim is out of town this week so it was the perfect time to make it.  With the new diet he is on for his Meiners Disease [Continue Reading…]

A Little More Grateful….


Yesterday was one of those days that every mother fears – the day you find yourself in your car following behind an ambulance that has one of your children in it.  The day started off fine.  I decided that I would treat Cali to a pedicure.  I only have a month and a half left before Cali goes off to college and I want to cherish every moment of it.  As we were sitting in the chairs getting our toes done Cali began to feel nauseous and lightheaded.  As I turned to [Continue Reading…]

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


Yesterday,  my baby turned fifteen! Happy Birthday Tessa! We were so excited to have our second little girl, our fourth child join our family. We chose your name Tessa because I loved the book Tess of the D’Urbervilles and we discovered that the name Tessa meant “The Fourth Child” – it was a perfect fit! You learned to talk and walk late because you had no need – every time you raised your arms someone picked you up and all you had to do was make a noise and your [Continue Reading…]