Summertime Reads


    School has been officially out now for two weeks at our house.  The first week was spent at Girls Camp so this week was our first “official” week of summer. There is always an adjustment period.  The girls think that since it is summer they can stay up as late as they want and then sleep in as late as they want….WRONG! I am not a “sleeper inner” – never have been -at least I don’t remember being one as a teenager – was I mom??  Since I regularly get [Continue Reading…]

Girls Camp Revisted

girls camp

Between the ages of 12 and 17 I spent a week each summer at our church’s Girl’s Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We spent a week in the wilderness each year learning all kinds of survival skills, including one year having to cook all three meals, every day, over an open fire – not a good food week! My favorite memory of Girl’s Camp was the day the boys came to camp – or at least a couple of boys.  There was a lake near our camp and one day during [Continue Reading…]

Key Lime Cookies

Key Lime Cookies

Since I had a partial bottle of Key Lime juice still in the refrigerator left over from the Key Lime Cake last week I decided to try a new key lime recipe – you can never have too many key lime recipes! This recipe is one I found on Good Eats ‘n Sweet Treats– a food blog I enjoy.  The cookies are a bit of work as you need to make the key lime curd first but they are worth it.  I made the lime curd the night before and just [Continue Reading…]

Recommended Read – The Last Lecture


How many times does it take to get your attention? I have decided to takes three times to get mine. I have had several experiences the last couple of months that, finally, after hearing or seeing something the third time I figured someone was trying to send me a message and I should do something about it.  So I’m a little slow sometimes…. Trying to get Leigh Anne’s Attention #1:  Several months ago someone recommended the book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch to me.  Being the book addict that I [Continue Reading…]

Mariner’s Garlic Fries

Garlic Fries or better known as Mariner's Rally Fries

One of my favorite things about going to a Mariner’s game in Seattle are the Garlic Fries or better known as Rally Fries at the game! The baseball team of choice at our house is the Seattle Mariner’s.  Well, if you have been following baseball at all lately you know that the Mariner’s aren’t doing too well – in fact they are doing terrible but we still love them!  We’ve been attending Mariner’s games up in Seattle at Safeco Field for years . O.K. – those of you who really know me [Continue Reading…]

Key Lime Bundt Cake

Key Lime Bundt Cake @yourhomebasedmom

This Key Lime Bundt Cake is to die for!  Moist and full of amazing lime flavor. You know that I love lemon and have shared lots of  Lovely Lemon recipes with you.  Well, it only stands to reason that if I love lemon that I would also love lime!  And I do! Calling all lime lovers.  Today’s recipe is a yummy, easy dessert for lime fans.  It is moist and tart. It is amazing!  If you are a lime fan or know anyone that is a lime fan this cake is a must!  I [Continue Reading…]

Apron Addiction


I am not really sure if addiction is the right word but I admit I really love aprons. I have always been an apron wearer – even before it was the “in” thing to do!  (If you didn’t know, aprons are really “in” right now!) Thanks to my 4-H sewing teacher in the 3rd grade the first thing I ever learned to sew was an apron. I wear an apron a lot – anytime I am in the kitchen (I am a very messy cook), when I am cleaning the house (I [Continue Reading…]

Friday Favorite – Texas Almond Sheet Cake


Before I share this week’s Friday Favorite I wanted to show you a few fun ideas I used at the graduation party for Cali and Hannah  we hosted last Saturday. My friend Sherra shared these ideas with me after she attended a graduation party of a neighbor.  They are so cute and they got rave reviews at our party. Aren’t these the cutest little graduation caps?  They are made from chocolate covered graham crackers and mini Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.  For directions visit Sherra’s blog.  I used red and blue M & [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Girls


  Fourteen years ago when we moved into our current house the first person we met in our new neighborhood was three year old Hannah.  We met her as she was riding her bike with training wheels out in our cul de sac.  With a pacifier in her mouth she introduced her self as “Hannah Banana.” My three year old daughter Cali and Hannah became fast friends and soon were inseperable.  They did everything together! They played for hours together… They celebrated holidays together…Halloween, Easter, Christmas …… They started the [Continue Reading…]