Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have lots of chocolate chip cookie recipes on the blog and this one for chewy chocolate chip cookies is one of my top two favorites! Recipe updated May, 2015 This morning I was in the pediatrician’s office with my two girls.  No one is sick – just some updates on their immunizations.  While we were waiting for the nurse we had a good time reading the poster that was on the wall entitled “Things I Know…” We got a kick out of the “I know you can’t hide broccoli [Continue Reading…]

Text Message Thank You

text message

I love text messaging.  As a mother of teenagers and young adults it comes in quite handy. After a few lessons from my teenage daughter I have actually become quite good at it! I am a two finger texter!! My husband is a different story, he actually sent his very first text message not too along ago. We were all very proud. But the thing I really love about text messaging is the connection it creates between my children and me. They send me the normal text messages…. “I’m on my [Continue Reading…]

40 Days of Fanatical Focus


Focus – we’ve been talking a lot about it lately – how to get it and how to keep it!  It can certainly be a challenge, especially at my age!! Carrie over at Barefoot Executive has a “40 Days of Fanatical Focus” Challenge going on.  Her challenge is to pick a goal in 4 different parts of your life (Health, Spiritual, Family or Business) that you would like to focus on and hopefully accomplish in the next forty days. Carrie said….   ” I’ve written down where I want to be in 40 [Continue Reading…]

Renew – Light a candle


I love candles and I have them scattered in just about every room of my house. A burning candle says home and comfort to me. One of the things I do to nurture and renew myself is to light a candle.  Sometimes during the middle of the day when I am working in my office or just working around the house I love to light a few of my candles, especially the scented ones.  Taking a hot bubble bath surrounded by burning candles is so decadent! Working in my office [Continue Reading…]

Declutter – Kitchen Cabinet


Last week I decided to tackle another “Declutter” project.  I have already shared  my Declutter the Desk project and my Pantry Organization. Now it was time to tackle the kitchen corner cabinet – do you have one of those?  It is amazing how much stuff you can fit into one! When you open the cabinet door and look in – it really doesn’t look that bad, does it?  Not totally organized but nothing falls out on you! Well, I started pulling things out and  I felt like I was reaching into [Continue Reading…]

A New Look!


If you are reading this post in an email update or your rss reader – PLEASE click over to the actual blog.  I want you to see my blog’s new look – isn’t it beautiful!! Do you like it?  I LOVE IT! It is so pretty – I love the picture of my family, I love the colors (my favorite color green!), I love the beautiful graphic on the header – it looks like it’s right out of my garden.  I especially love the little house icon. I have my awesome [Continue Reading…]

Happy Mail


Checking the mail each day use to be an exciting event – especially as a child.  Would there be a card or letter from Grandma, a birthday invitation, a thank you note or a letter from a friend that had moved away? Today so much of our correspondence is done via email, fax, cell phone, blackberry etc.  Even my mom who lives two blocks away will email me to ask me a question!  Invitations come electronically via E-vite and I now correspond with friends who have moved away via their blogs or [Continue Reading…]

Garlic Knots – Favorite of the Week

Garlic Knots

These Garlic Knots are a little piece of heaven! You won’t be able to eat just one! Lately I have been struggling with my meal planning.  Between Jim’s travel schedule (who wants to cook when their husband is out of town!), the high school musical, Spring Break and just life in general I have not done a very good job of planning out our weekly dinner menus.  That results in a lot of panic and frustration at about 4:30 and too many trips to the grocery store each week (almost [Continue Reading…]

And the answer is…..


First, thanks to all of you who made a guess!  But before I tell you the answer I thought I’d share a picture of what that cute little baby looks like today! Isn’t he handsome!   Seventeen of you guessed the right baby…. Yes, my sweet almost 24 year old college boy is the third from the right, the one in dark socks with his mouth wide open.  I can’t tell you how many photos we have of that boy with his mouth open like that! At the photo shoot they [Continue Reading…]