Finding Focus – Create a Dream Board

dream board

I have spent alot of time this weekend scrapbooking –  trying to get my sweet high school senior daughter’s albums up to date (yes – I am behind!!)  I was enjoying the pictures of all the things we have done as a family, the many things she has accomplished, amazed by how much she has grown.   I was scrapbooking events that had already happened. I realized that there is another way to scrapbook – what about scrapbooking forward by creating a vision of what you want your life to be [Continue Reading…]

Dinner Time – Quick Weeknight Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

asian chicken

One of my favorite restaurants is PF Changs and of course my favorite thing on the menu is their famous Lettuce Wraps. I love playing around with Copycat Recipes and months ago I found one for PF Chang’s Lettuce Wraps.  I finally got around to trying it.  Although the flavor was o.k. – the texture was strange and it didn’t taste like the real thing – what a disappointment.  To top it off the recipe had about 20 different ingredients in it, several of which required major chopping  – way too [Continue Reading…]

Traveling with Teenage Girls


This week is Spring Break and the girls and I  have been hanging out with sweet husband in Seattle, Washington where he had business.  We have had fun at the Space Needle, a Blazer-Sonics game (o.k. that was sweet husband’s idea), shopping and pretending to be a rock band at the Experience Music Project. We stayed at a lovely hotel right on the Pier overlooking the Puget Sound.  Our room was very Northwest-ish – complete with a fireplace. The problem was – the bathroom!   Don’t get me wrong, it was a beautiful [Continue Reading…]

Lovely Lemons – Lemon White Chunk Cookies

white cookies

  I think you know by now how I feel about lemons – I love them!  You may have also picked up on the fact that I love white chocolate too and my favorite all time cookie is a chocolate chip cookie – today’s recipe is a twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie – combining three of my favorite things – lemon, white chocolate and chocolate chip cookies! The combination of lemon and white chocolate is one I had not tried before – but it did not disappoint.  The [Continue Reading…]

It doesn’t get easier – it only get’s different!


After sharing with you my Easter Outfit Issue I thought I would share with you a few pictures of my girls in their “coordinating” Easter outfits.  I posted these on my family blog this week  but thought you might like to see them too. When the kids were little I would get them all dressed in their matching/coordinating outfits and take their picture.  I remember what a frustrating and sometimes exhausting ordeal it was as we would try to get them all to sit still, look at the camera and smile [Continue Reading…]

Finding Focus – Words of Inspiration

wish it

One of the ways I have found to help keep myself focused during the day,  focused on the things that are important and that I am working on, is through words of inspiration. I start the day in my bathroom – there on my bathroom counter is a small ceramic stone with the word “focus” imprinted on it.  You may remember from an earlier post my need to stay “focused” while putting on my makeup or I end up out in public with only half of it on! Hanging in [Continue Reading…]

Easter Outfit Issue

easter dresses

I have issues, in fact I have shared one of those issues before. According to my children though, I have a lot of issues.  One particular issue that I have only manifests itself three times of year – Easter, Christmas and the Week of the Family Photo. This issue is – the need to have my children’s Easter/Christmas/Family Photo outfits match or coordinate.  Now you would think that with children ages 14, 18, 22 and 24 I would be way beyond that – but I’m not. In fact I spent a fair amount of time at [Continue Reading…]

Easter Dinner


  Today I thought I’d share our menu for Easter Dinner.  It should be a fun Easter this year.  My parents will be joining us and then a family from church who is in the middle of moving – from a house to an apartment while their new home is built.  They have 5 of the cutest little girls you have ever seen and their mother is 8 months pregnant with another girl!!  We are going to have fun. So here’s the menu. Honeybaked Ham – I am not a big ham fan [Continue Reading…]

Copycat Recipe – Starbucks Coffee Cake


Easter is sneaking up on me this year – it’s next Sunday! One of my favorite things about Easter is Easter Brunch/Breakfast.  Because of our church schedule this year (we go from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.) we will be having breakfast before church and Easter Dinner after church. Whether we are having Easter breakfast or Easter brunch – a good coffeecake is a must-have on the menu. I recently found a Copycat recipe for Starbucks Coffee Cake on a food blog I like to visit This is a [Continue Reading…]