Thin Mint Pizza Supreme


It’s Girl Scout cookie time so grab a box of Thin Mints and try this Thin Mint Pizza Supreme.I was planning on sharing another Lovely Lemon recipe with you today but we are a divided camp at our house.  Half of my children are lemon lovers/mint haters and the other half are mint lovers/lemon haters.   I love lemons and mint. So when the doorbell rang this week and there was my cute little neighbor delivering my Girl Scout cookies (I actually had 3 different Brownies delivering cookies to my house – I can’t [Continue Reading…]

Joyful Julie!


Last week I mentioned that I was in charge of the appetizers for our annual Beach Babes and their Boys Valentine dinner – a 13 year tradition.  All of my Beach Babe friends are great cooks (o.k., except maybe Julie, whose husband William does all the cooking at their house)  But Julie makes up for her lack of cooking skills in so many ways. So before I share my appetizer recipes I want to share Julie. I have known Julie for over 21 years and I can honestly say that [Continue Reading…]

Appetizers – Beach Babe Style

beach babes

For our annual Beach Babe and their Boys Valentine dinner I prepared some of my favorite “stand by” appetizers.  Ones I know everyone will love. Above picture – The Beach Babes enjoying my appetizers.  One of our beach babes Patrice was visiting her sick daddy so wasn’t with us – we missed you Patrice!   One of my favorite appetizers, the one I make more than any other appetizer is Roasted Garlic and Artichoke Dip – yum!  You can serve it with sliced baguette or crackers or just eat it by [Continue Reading…]

In Case You Ever Wondered…???


Peanut Butter is not approved by airport security and is considered a gel! Jim left early this morning for a quick overnight business trip to Salt Lake City, Utah.   He and Clark will have dinner in Salt Lake tonight.  (Logan is in California on tour) Clark asked me if dad could bring him some food.   (He requested no sweets, guess he still has plenty of candy left over from the Valentine package I sent) “Do you have any peanut butter?” Clark asked. I had just bought a new jar that day so [Continue Reading…]

MOMMY-isms – stuff you’ve said and didn’t mean…and others you did.


Last week I made a new blogging friend, Rhonda, over at Because Mom Said So.  I love the name of her blog because it reminded me of all those MOMMY-isms I use, my mother used and if you are a mother – you probably use too! You know what I mean – those statements you make to your kids when they are driving you crazy or you just don’t know what else to say. If you were to ask my children what MOMMY-ism I am most famous for I have [Continue Reading…]

Favorite Family Tradition


This last week my 18 year old daughter was being spotlighted at church and she was given a short survey to fill out that asked her questions such as – “If you could be the 8th dwarf what would your name be?”  She chose Spunky which fits her so perfectly.  “What is a new skill you’d like to learn?” – my spunky girl wants to learn to bellydance! Another question was “What is one of your favorite family traditions?”  Being a family of “strong tradition” there were dozens of things [Continue Reading…]

Stuck in a Rut


This past week  I was doing a little “cleaning out” of my files and came across a handout dated 1998.  It was from a presentation done by a fellow “side line” in my direct sales company, Linda Hill.  The presentation was entitled “Help! I’m in a Rut? How do I Get Out?” Usually about this time of year, the newness and enthusiasm for the “fresh start”  of a new year has worn off.   We may even find ourself “Stuck in a Rut”.   Using Linda’s “ruts”  I want to share some [Continue Reading…]

Februrary Contest -And the Winner is….


 Happy Valentine’s Day – I hope you all have something special planned today, whether it is something with someone special or a special treat for yourself – you deserve it!  My sweet husband I will be celebrating with our annual “Beach Babes and their Boys” Valentine dinner.  I’ll introduce you to those friends sometime soon.  I have to take appetizers and I’m still not sure what I’m taking so I better get busy. I am excited to announce the winner of the February contest – which was chosen randomly using [Continue Reading…]

Valentine’s Day – Raspberry Velvet Tart

Raspberry White Chocoalte Tart

My favorite chocolate combination is white chocolate and raspberries. The first time I was introduced to this combination was when I was in the hospital following the birth of my fourth child and my sweet friend April came to visit me.  She brought a darling gift for the baby but for me she brought a bar of white chocolate and a basket of fresh Oregon raspberries (it was July).  It was amazing and I sat there in bed and ate every bit of it all by myself! So today I [Continue Reading…]