Sharing Sherra – Chocolate Malted Cookies


You have heard me say it before –one of the best things about my direct sales homebased business is the friends I have made. Today I want to share one of those friends with you – Sherra (yes, it is pronounced    Share – a).  We have been friends and business associates for over a decade.  We have shared a lot over the years.  We’ve shared business ideas, favorite books, recipes, incentive trips, visits in each other’s homes and a friendship that transcends the 2500+ miles that is the distance between [Continue Reading…]

Achieving Your Dreams

  I am a proud Mama!  You see, my sweet, high school daughter has been ACCEPTED TO COLLEGE!  Now believe me I am in no rush for her to leave home, in fact for the last year I have been tearing up at the thought of it.  As you know, I already have two sweet college boys  (yes – we will have 3 in college at the same time next fall – yikes!$!$!) so we have been through this before.  But this sweet daughter’s journey to this point in her life has been [Continue Reading…]

My Restful Sabbath Day


It’s Sunday evening and I don’t usually post but I just had to share with you my morning.  My husband is out of town so the girls and I were sleeping in (it was 9 a.m. and that is sleeping in for me – not the girls). Yesterday had been a big day – I spent the day at a 1,700 person customer event at our Expo Center in town – a great day but I was tired! The phone rang, waking me up, it was the mother of the young [Continue Reading…]

Homemade Oreos

Homemade Oreos

These Homemade Oreos are delicious.  A little softer and richer than the store bought version but oh so yummy! The age old question….how do you eat an Oreo?  This debate has been around a long time, since 1912 when the Oreo cookie was first introduced.  It has been a best seller in America ever since then.  We have eaten our share of Oreos at the Wilkes house and we even had a rabbit we named Oreo!! The only thing better than an Oreo is a Homemade Oreo. So how do [Continue Reading…]

Buttermilk Syrup


Buttermilk Syrup is delicious and this is just like the one that make at Kneader’s in Utah. Delicious on pancakes or waffles. I am not a breakfast fan – I never have been.  I know, I know – breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I just don’t get it.  Growing up, my breakfast repertoire consisted of one thing – Chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast – every morning – that was it.  My sister ate Pop-tarts every morning.   O.K., so we weren’t much into nutrition in the 60’s [Continue Reading…]

Smart Book

It is freezing cold here in Portland, Oregon.   O.k., it’s only in the low 30’s but the wind is blowing and for us that is cold (I did grow up in Wisconsin so I really do know what cold is but I have lived in Oregon long enough to have readjusted). So any way – I was getting ready to go for a walk this morning and since it is so cold I decided I needed my ear muffs, gloves and a scarf and as I was reaching into the [Continue Reading…]

Attention all Jane Austen Fans!


I don’t usually make posts advertising TV shows but I just couldn’t resist.  I have been a Jane Austen fan since I first read Pride and Prejudice  in my English Literature class in High School.  I have been in love ever since and have lost count of how many times I have read it.  Well – Masterpiece Theater is having a “Complete Jane Austen” series on Sunday evenings through April 6th.  It began last Sunday (sorry for the late notice) with “Persuasion” and this week is “Northanger Abbey”.  So snuggle up [Continue Reading…]

Copycat Recipe – Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad


On each of our children’s birthdays we always celebrate by going out to dinner (Yeah! – no cooking for mom).  The birthday child gets to select the restaurant.  For years, it never failed, all four children would select Applebee’s for their birthday – I think it was because they got a balloon, a free dessert and they would sing to them. Now that the children are older and their palettes are a bit more sophisticated, Applebees is usually not the restaurant of choice.  But there is one thing on their [Continue Reading…]

Tax To Do List for 2008


O.K. so I know – I usually share a recipe on Wednesdays but today, instead, I’m going to share some tax advice!  Like many of you, bookkeeping and taxes are two of my LEAST favorite things in the world but a necessity with a homebased business. Recipes are much more fun I know, but yesterday I participated in a conference call sponsored by the Barefoot Executive featuring Deduction Diva, Vicki Collins.  Vicki is a CPA that specializes in working with homebased business, especially direct sales.  Be sure and check out her website. On [Continue Reading…]