Taking Time for You!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed time with friends and family.  We loved having our two sweet college boys home – they are back at school and the house is empty of food but we loved every minute of it!   So – have you ever dreamed or fantasized about spending an entire day at home in your pajamas?  Lounging in bed, reading a good book, watching your favorite TV shows, taking care of no one but you?  Well, that dream came true for me over [Continue Reading…]

The Cookie Jar – A Couple of Classics

rice krispies

They’re home!  Late last night (their flight got in at 10:30 p.m.) my two sweet college boys got home.  And guess where the first place they went was? – the pantry and refrigerator to check out what was there!    One of the treats waiting on the counter for them was a freshly baked batch of Snickerdoodles.  When Clark was in high school he and his buddies would hang out at the house playing Halo – they always requested Snickerdoodles!   I made a lot of Snickerdoodles his senior year!  Snickerdoodles are just [Continue Reading…]

Blessings of being a homebased mom

This past week I have spent a fair amount of my time scanning pictures – 250 pictures to be exact!   That’s a lot of pictures!  I decided to put together a surprise for my husband for his Christmas gift – a digital storybook of all the “professional” portraits of our family that we have had taken over the last 25 years. (thanks to team member Karen Herrema for the idea!)   I spent hours going through albums and boxes, trying to collect all the photos and then spent hours scanning them into [Continue Reading…]

The Cookie Jar – Melting Moments

As I was looking for a cookie recipe to share this week I was going through our family cookbook and came across a cookie my mom use to make when I was young.  I love these cookies and they do live up to their name – they literally “melt in your mouth”.  They are easy to make and you can change it up a bit if you like and instead of using lemon juice try lime or orange!  Being the lemon fan that I am, I always use lemon! During [Continue Reading…]

Dinner Time – Turkey Day

It’s hard to believe but Thanksgiving is next week!  This Thanksgiving is going to be a special one at our house because after four straight years of boys serving church missions – both boys will be home for Thanksgiving!  I have been thinking about all the yummy things I will fix for them when they are home.  Clark wanted to make sure we were getting a really big turkey so there would be plenty of leftovers – sometimes I think they like the leftovers better than the actual meal!  So yes, [Continue Reading…]

Regaining Momentum


The last two weeks we have been talking about Momentum – the importance of it and how to maintain it.  This week let’s talk about how to regain momentum. Several years ago I was attending a Regional Convention with some members of my team in Seattle (3 hours north of Portland)  One of our Northwest “ice storms” was on its way – for those of you who have never had the pleasure of experiencing a Northwest “ice storm” – the entire surface of EVERYTHING becomes encased in a sheet of [Continue Reading…]

Dinner Time – Cafe Rio Style!

This past weekend Jim and I flew to Utah to see our two sweet college boys – Logan and Clark.  Of course the best part of a visit to Utah is spending time with my two boys, but the second best part is getting to eat at Cafe Rio!  Cafe Rio is a local mexican chain and no trip to Utah is complete without at least ONE trip to Cafe Rio (many times there is more than one visit!) One of my favorite things to order at Cafe Rio is the sweet [Continue Reading…]

Maintaining Momentum


Last week I shared with you the story of becoming “Stuck in the Mud”.  I compared this to our direct sales business and how we can get “stuck in the mud” and lose momentum.  Getting started again can take a lot of time, effort and energy.  It is easier to keep the momentum going and not get stuck!   This week I want to talk about maintaining that momentum.   For many of us the fall selling season is our best and busiest time of the year.  It is important that we [Continue Reading…]