Stuck in the Mud – an a”mazing” experience!

Monday we had a fun “family night” activity.  Jim, the girls and I went to the corn maze and Pumpkin Patch out on Sauvie Island.  The corn maze covers acres and acres – that’s a lot of corn.  As we got ready to go, I questioned whether we should take boots or not – it hasn’t rained here in Portland for a couple of weeks (surprise, surprise) so I didn’t really think we would need them but decided to take them anyway.  Well – was I ever wrong and was [Continue Reading…]

The Cookie Jar – Symphony Brownies and True Confessions!

Several of you have asked me why I started a blog.  Well – six months ago I had no idea what a blog was until I visited the website of a friend of mine.  My friend had started an online yarn store specializing in sock yarn.  Now I am not a knitter and didn’t even know there was such a thing as sock yarn but I love visiting Sheri’s website and blog -not because I’m a knitter (but if you are – this is an awesome site) but because I love [Continue Reading…]

Direct Sales – Tricks or Tips of the Trade and first ever “ahomebasedmom” contest!

It’s that time of year – Trick or Treaters will be arriving next week.  In preparation for that I thought I’d share some “Tricks or Tips” of direct sales that I have picked up recently. One of the things I have learned since being in direct sales is that one of the best places to pick up new “Tricks or Tips”  for my business is at other direct sales companies events or home parties.  Sometimes as direct sellers we get so busy holding our own home events (this is a [Continue Reading…]

The Cookie Jar – Apple Bars

Last weekend the girls, Jim and I attended the Apple Tasting Festival at the Portland Nursery , a fun yearly event they do.  It will occur again this weekend so check it out if are here in Portland.  Unlike the weather today, cold, rain and windy, it was a perfect fall weekend – 65 degrees and sunny!  We had a great time tasting all kinds of apples as well as apple strudel, caramel apples, apples and brie – yum!  We each picked out some of our favorites (cameo, ambrosia) and brought [Continue Reading…]

Celebrate being a Homebased Mom!


I love being a homebased mom.  I have been a homebased mom for 23 years since my first son Logan was born.  I have had a direct sales business for 17 years but had several other types of homebased businesses before that   One of the biggest “issues” I see with women having a homebased business is the guilt that some women feel.  They feel guilty because they are out doing a show or attending a meeting and not with their kids 24 – 7.  They allow their children to become [Continue Reading…]

The Cookie Jar – Sandlake Cookies

This week’s “Cookie Jar” recipe is another good “Holiday Baking” recipe.  It is a fun twist on your traditional chocolate chip cookie with the addition of cinnamon, ginger and craisinets – yum! The dough also needs to be refrigerated so you can make the dough up ahead of time.   It’s also a great one for cookie plates or cookie exchange because it makes a lot. I first tasted these cookies when hubby Jim and I stayed at The Sandlake Country Inn, a quaint bed and breakfast near Pacific City,Oregon -close to [Continue Reading…]

Dinner Time – Chinese Chicken Pot Sticker Soup


Today I want to share with you another fast and easy dinner you can prepare for your family – perfect for the night you have a home event or a team meeting.  It only takes about 15 minutes to prepare!  Just in case you are wondering – my family thinks I am crazy for taking pictures of what we are having for dinner!! I served the soup with a simple salad with a balsamic vinagrette dressing, toasted almonds (from Trader Joes!), gorgonzola cheese and a yummy roll from my favorite Portland [Continue Reading…]

Need New Leads? – Part 2


So to finish up our post on asking for referrals from yesterday,  I wanted to share with you an idea you might want to incorporate into your business -once a year, send your customers a unique referral offer.  Promote it as a special campaign or event.  Hold a month long “Refer a Friend Month” ( am sure someone will come up with something more clever to call it)  The idea is that you promote a special time period to your customers (a month or so) where they will receive extra benefits for referring [Continue Reading…]

Need New Leads?


Last week during my coaching calls with team members there was a common theme that kept coming up – getting new leads.  Keeping your customer “pipeline” full of new names is an important part of keeping momentum going in your direct sales business.  When you begin your business, your family and friends become your first customers – people you know.  But  we all only know so many people and after we have contacted and shared our business with the people we know we may find ourselves with a “dry well” [Continue Reading…]