What’s for Dinner – Part 3


Finally – my current plan for getting dinner on the table (at least part of the time) is the tried and true old fashion  method of Menu Planning.  At this season of my life  – older kids who drive themselves (well almost all of them – still get to carpool Tessa around) – I actually have a little more time to cook meals each evening.  I really enjoy cooking – the thing I don’t like is deciding what to cook!!  To help with this problem I keep a master list of meals I [Continue Reading…]

What’s for Dinner – Part 2


As a continuation to my “What’s For Dinner” post,  today I want to share with you a few of the various methods I have used over the years to help make sure we enjoy “Family Dinner Time” – at least some of the time!  1.  Once a Month Cooking –  Once a month I would get together with a friend, in one of our kitchens, and together we prepared enough meals (about 20-25) for each of our families.  We developed a list of recipes that our families liked and that froze [Continue Reading…]

What’s for Dinner?


Aren’t there times when you just cringe when you hear those words – especially those nights when you are rushing to get out the door to a home event or team meeting.  Even as much as we would like to imagine otherwise – the troops do need to be fed! This Monday –  Sept. 24, is National “Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children”  In a newspaper article I was reading this week they gave some pretty amazing statistics in favor of eating dinner together as a [Continue Reading…]

Something New Everyday


Earlier this week I was rereading one of my favorite books,“The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.  The book is written in short, stand alone chapters.  I have read the entire book before but like to pick it up and just open it up and see where it opens. This week the book opened to a chapter entitled  “Commit to constant and never ending improvement”  There was a quote by Oliver Cromwell “He who stops being better stops being good”.    Jack Canfield writes that “if you make a commitment to learning something [Continue Reading…]

I am NOT too old!


Last Wednesday our family drove up to Seattle for the day .  It was the last day our whole family would be together before the boys headed back to college and the girls started back to school next week.  My boys (all three of them – Jim, Logan and Clark) love the Mariners.  Even though I am not much of a baseball fan I must admit I do enjoy the whole atmosphere of the ball park – and the food.  So up we headed. On the drive up to Seattle [Continue Reading…]

The Week of the Family Photo


This past week was “the week” –  the week of the “family photo”.    Once again it was time for the biannual family photo.   If you’ve been in my home you may have had the privilege of viewing the Wilkes Family Photo Gallery (aka the dining room).  Lining the walls of our dining room is quite an extensive collection of family portraits, beginning with our first official “family photo” when Logan was only 18 months old.  They continue through to the last official “family photo” which was taken two years ago   [Continue Reading…]